Best Blenders On The Market 2016

Hello! Tom here! Thanks a lot for stopping by my site showing some of my picks for the top blenders for 2016. When I was searching for a good blender, I remember having quite a time trying to figure out what would be the best one for me and my family – my there sure are a lot of different options available! Just take a look below at our best blender reviews and find out for yourself!


Why blenders? Well, to me, it is something that every kitchen should have because you can do so much with ’em! Blending, processing, crushing, liquifying. My blender probably gets used at least once per day to do one or more of these tasks.

What Is My Favorite Blender?

Blendtec_Total_BlenderFor myself, it has to be the Blendtec Total Blender. Now, before I got too much into this blender, I do have to say this little disclaimer about the price – it is a bit expensive. BUT, to me, it is definitely worth splurging on if you can because it is the Rolls Royce of blenders. It will basically take on just about anything that you put up against it and it is built like a tank! If you are looking for a long term investment in a blender, this is the one.

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What Is The Top Blender For You?

It’s vital that you select one that can fulfill your specific needs when buying the most effective blender.

Good Sturdy Foundation
Picking a blender that is mixing with a good heavy base keeps it from vibrating or moving while it’s functioning at a high speed. Metallic bases are stronger and are more heavy, therefore more secure than plastic bases.


It’s crucial that you find out the functions of your blender before buying. You need to opt for a blender that can crush ice correctly in the event you are going to make use of the blender to create smoothies or alternative beverages from crushed ice.

Blender speeds

Blenders typically have several rate settings which vary from high rate controls and low to multiple speeds. A multiple speed blender provides you with more preciseness even though it’s unnecessary for most uses.

Blending containers

Blenders typically come with a glass or plastic jug. More affordable brands of blenders generally have glass jugs. These jugs are somewhat more immune to scrapes and will last longer if mishandled – but if you drop it, it will probably break. Plastic jugs obtain scratches over time but will not break if dropped.

Top Picks and Reviews

I put together a list for you people looking for a blender that is best for a specific task. Take a look!

Blender Brands

Maybe you are looking for a specific brand of blenders. Well, here are some of our favorites!

  • Kitchenaid blenders
  • Cuisinart blenders
  • Blendtec blenders
  • Vitamix blenders

Final Thoughts

So there you have it! Feel free to browse around and choose what could be the best blender on the market for you! And once you get it home and plugged in, enjoy that crushed ice, smoothie and other treats you make with it!