cuisinartI have been looking at all different models of Cuisinart blenders to buy and even had a chance to try a few before I settled on one on Amazon.

Just like other blenders, they are great for making smoothies, nut butters, ice crushing, soup (some are even equipped with a heater and cooks for you), and other applications.

Cuisinart produces a number of different type of blenders such as compact immersion hand blenders, blender and chopper combos, etc.

Another good thing is the availablity of motor replacement parts like blade assemblies, attachments, accessories, replacement jars, lids and cups, drive clutch, gasket replacement,

Models I Recommend

Click on any of the blender links below to read reviews, check the price and get more information.

If you are considering a new kitchen blender, one of the above Cuisinart models just might be the right one for you!

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