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Best Hand Blender

Best Hand Blender

The hand blender, sometimes called immersion blender, wand blender or stick blender, was invented by Roger Perrinjaquet in Switzerland and it was first called the “bamix.” On March 6, 1950, he patented this idea, and since the 1960’s, this tool has been used in professional kitchens in Europe. The best hand blender is oftentimes used […]

Vitamix Pro 300 Vs 750

When buying household items it is important to ensure they are the right fit for you. After the purchase, the item cannot be resold for the same price even if you have only used it for a few days. To avoid losses associated with buying the same item twice,you need the right information before making […]

Vitamix 3600 Vs 5200

Blenders are must-haves in every kitchen. They open up a world of possibilities when it comes to food preparation and make a lot of things easier to do. Having them around means that you don’t need to purchase certain processed foods in the grocery as you can make your own. For instance, you can go […]

Vitamix 200 vs 500

You can never go wrong with a Vitamix blender. The machines are long lasting and powerful enough to blend tough ingredients like frozen fruit, ice cubes and carrots—quickly and with minimal effort. Enthusiasts, however, get confused when making a choice between different models. A review of Vitamix 200 vs 500 should make it easier to […]

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