Best Affordable Blenders Under $100

Choosing The Best Budget Blender

In today’s world, the best blender can add a variety of ways to prepare food; from creating smoothies and shakes to soups, frozen drinks, milk shakes and ice cream, to Pesto and chopping. However, if you can’t afford a high-priced blender, there are still some great affordable blenders out there that can make your menu and kitchen shine. What to look for in a blender when on a budget? Read on for more information.

Best Blenders Under $100 Chart

best blenders under 100

NameDescriptionRead Review
Ninja Professional Blender (NJ600)Our top choice!Read Review
Oster Pro 1200Comes with a smoothie cup too.Read Review
Oster Reverse Crush Counterforms BlenderPowerful and versatile.Read Review
Ninja Kitchen System PulseCan do all kinds of blending tasks.Read Review
Hamilton Beach Power A Elite Multi-Function BlenderGreat cheap choice.Read Review

There are several types of blenders; conventional, high-performance, single server and immersion blender. In most cases, many choose a conventional blender; especially if they are looking for an all-purpose blender and one that is affordable. A conventional blender often costs between $30-$150 and offers a few settings for different uses. This blender is made for easy and light tasks such as soups, smoothies and salsas.

High performance blenders work well for professional chefs and those enthusiastic in the kitchen. They are more expensive; however, they can do more than the conventional blender. They cost between $200-$1,000. They are designed to take on heavier task like blending produce or making peanut butter. In addition, they give smoother results.

Single-Serve blenders are popular with many because they work great for breakfast and post-workout routines. You can make your own smoothies; they come with smaller containers that are the perfect size when making one drink at time. They are convenient to use and they also have lids that go with the small containers. This makes easy and accessible to use.

Immersion blenders work a bit differently. They don’t have their own container; instead, you lower food into the container you food is already in. After you have lowered the rotating head into your container, you turn it on and the contents begin to blend. These blenders are basically used for pureed soups.

To conclude, blenders add many benefits to your cooking; however, if you are looking for a more affordable blender, check out a conventional blender or a high performance blender. Blenders can be found at most retail stores or home improvement stores. Find out more about them from a home improvement sales person or from the many fine reviews on the Internet. Blenders are easy to use and provide a variety of ways to prepare and serve food. Follow the above tips and suggestions and you will know what to look for in a blender when on a budget.

Our Choices

Ninja Professional Blender (NJ600)

More and more people have taken the vow to live a healthy life. Exercise and good nutrition will place you on the road to good health. Individuals are more likely to stick with these behaviors when they are easy. The Ninja Professional Blender (NJ600) can help make healthy meals hassle free.

This blender is top rated and delivers several features. First up is the motor. This model proves 1,000 watts of power. When blender shopping consumers often lament a device that lacks sufficient power to chop and blend through the ingredients. That won’t be a problem with this blender. It is up to the task and can handle whatever you throw at it. It also crushes ice easily. This makes it perfect for smoothies and cold beverages like margaritas and frozen coffees.

The six blades are sharp and dishwasher safe. They can power through frozen vegetables and ice. The stacked design is different from other blenders on the market. They allow for total blending of ingredients in all areas of the pitcher instead of being centered at the bottom like traditional blenders. The blades make quick work of ice, turning it into snow within seconds. Creating green smoothies is a quick task. You can begin by blending greens and liquid ingredients first. Then add frozen fruits to make the process flow more rapidly.

The blender carafe holds 72 ounces. This makes party preparations super easy.The pitcher and other parts are BPA free as is the lid. The container is also dishwasher safe allowing for a quick cleanup after use.

This blender model also has a single serve option. The Nutri Ninja cups allow you to take your beverages on the road. This is perfect for iced coffees while on the way to school or work. You can also take green smoothies for breakfast or lunch. The cups hold 16 ounces of liquid and are fitted with a sip and go lid. They can also be fitted with a single serve blade and used with the blender.

The Ninja Professional Blender (NJ600) is useful for more than just beverages. It can also create great sauces and other condiments. Need guacamole? Toss your ingredients into the pitcher and blend away.If you need mayonnaise or a pasta sauce the blender can power right through the ingredients in record time.

The Ninja blender takes up little space but delivers great value for the price point. This gem will ensure that it remains on you countertop for use each day.

Oster Pro 1200

John Oster came up with the idea for a mixer in 1922 to help malted milk shakes be made just as delicious but quicker. Over the years, Oster blenders have been recognized for their quality and innovation. Professional chefs choose the product because of its versatility and ability to program settings.

How to Choose

The blender lists as a family of blenders with varying attachments and options. What do you use a blender for? Is the bulk of your blender activities making smoothies or do you gourmet cook and need food processed in a particular way? Take a look at your kitchen set up. Blenders come in a variety of sizes and heights. How much space do you have for the blender in your kitchen work area? Find the Oster Pro 1200 blender that meets those standards to match what you need.


To begin with blender has Smart Settings Technology. It includes seven speeds and 3 pre-programmed settings for common recipe requests. The blade inside the blender has been improved. Larger by 50% than the previous models it creates extra blending power for chopping and grinding. Its 3.5-inch blade system accelerates blending. For crushing ice the 1200 power watts or 900 watts gives plenty of energy to do such. Into the settings, a pulse feature has been placed that gives more precision and control of the grinding. Many of the models in this line include a personal size smoothie cup to create nutritious beverages at 24 ounces. Also, a 5-cup food processor bowl can attach to the blender using a stainless steel slicing disk and chopping blade. It uses an all metal drive with a 10 year warranty or 10,000 smoothies. The container is Boroclass glass so dishwasher safe.

Consumers Say

For the most part consumers write positive comments on the blender. They state chops kale, Swiss chard or spinach into tiny bits that make grand veggie smoothies. Consumers also reported that flax or chia seeds can become pulverized in the Oster Pro 1200 blender. Only a few complaints exist such as the glass jar is heavy. Making nut butter has to be closely watched since the blender does leave a few chunks. Consumers love the 10 year warranty on the metal drive, but to note that the rest of the blender is under a 3 year warranty. All in all a delightful blender for household needs and entertaining.

Oster Reverse Crush Counterforms Blender

The Oster brand has had a stellar reputation for nearly 100 years. Its uncanny ability to create affordable electrical appliances that last makes its brands popular among ordinary households and professional gourmets. A range of blenders exist that cater to different needs of consumers. For a first blender, a person cannot go wrong purchasing Oster Reverse Crush Counterforms Blender.

Why This Blender

The Oster Reverse Crush Counterforms Blender has a low height design. It fits in small kitchens on the counter top or inside a cabinet. The type of blender it is lets a person make smoothies, frozen drinks, or chop food. With additional cycles, it will crush hard vegetables and hard fruits. More gourmet adventures such as seeds it has more difficulty. For its affordable price the blender does more than a good job. It gives a taste of all the possibilities of blending foods for a nominal cost. That lets a person explore recipes and techniques.


The blender has a machine control panel with seven speeds for its 600 watts of power. Crushing ice occurs on speeds Low, Medium and High. Two pulse speeds exist as well as 2 preset programs. The blender comes with Dual Direction Technology which means the 6-point blade kicks in reverse when a jam occurs. The glass jar holds 48 ounces. The all metal drive Oster is known for since it ranks high in durability.


Since the blender lists as a basic model it does have some accessories available as your food explorations increase. Accessories naturally expand the blenders functionality. If milkshakes list as a favorite, then a milkshake blade is available to make better shakes. A Mason jar shape container with a regular mouth that has a screw on cap serves well for smoothie making. Other attachments list as food processor jar, and a S blade.

Customers Say

Customers comment on the good value of the blender for the money they spend. Despite being basic the jar has premium high quality glass. The metal drive has a 10-year warranty but that is only on the drive. If you have patience you can make nut butters but expect a few lumps. Most consumers use the blender for smoothies and crushing ice which is the target function of the device.

So, whether downsizing for retirement or starting out fresh this blender can fit a smaller size home or a healthier lifestyle. Try it today!

Ninja Kitchen System Pulse

Blenders are one of the most crucial appliances needed to carry out a series of culinary operations. They are used to electrically puree, chop and mix foods. They encompass a container with metal blades at the bottom which are whirled to facilitate the whole process. Well, the aforementioned description is only pertinent to ordinary blenders.

There is an exhilarating and revolutionary type of blender; a type that operates on sophisticated technology to give it a multi-dimensional utility. It is carefully wrought to produce exquisite results. This magnificent innovation has been classically embodied in the enchanting Ninja Kitchen System Pulse.

Components Of The Iconic Blender

• It has metallic blades made of steel. The blades are powered by Ninja blade technology.
• It also consists of Nutri-Ninja cups.
• It encompasses a processor bowl.
• It also contains a cookie paddle which is used to knead dough in the 40-Oz bowl.

Why It Has an Edge Over Other Blenders

This amazing blender is not only easy to use but it is also able to amalgamate the functions of other kitchen appliances such as: Kneading dough; crushing ice; blend smoothies; facilitate an even processing of ingredients and juice whole fruits and vegetables.

It has a 40-Ounces processing bowl which can sustain up to 1lb. of dough. The Nutri-Ninja cups have the capacity to hold up to 16 Ounces. It also consists of single-serve blending cups and simple-to-use attachments.

This type of blender is so exceptional that it does not use buttons. It uses Pulse Technology which enables the user to pulse ingredients to a perfect consistency by exerting some pressure upon the pulse handle of the 40-Oz lid.

The blades are made of exceptional quality stainless steel. The implication of this is that the blades are rust-proof, which is a good thing as it alleviates all health hazards. This also makes them safe for dish-washing appliances.

Moreover, the blades are so sharp that you do not need to sharpen them at all—they hardly ever get blunt. The containers are made of Bisphenol A. (BPA) free plastics which are least likely to pose any health complications. They have a tight-fighting lid that holds tenaciously to the jar when replaced. This ensures that contents do not leak from the bowl.

Precautions to Take While Using Ninja Kitchen System Pulse Blenders

• When the motor gets heated, unplug the appliance and let it cool for about 20 minutes.
• Always ascertain that the lid is firmly replaced.
• Do not overfill the blender beyond the gradient marks on the processing bowl. The standard max-fill is 1250 ml. Failure to take this precaution the blades may fail to rotate.

Bottom Line

While ordinary blenders may be perfectly felicitous to some people, I would not vouch for it as the lowest hanging fruit on the tree of culinary appliances. Life is made easier upon the incorporation of this amazing blender into your culinary realm. It is surely the ultimate revolutionary blender and one of the most exciting innovations.

Hamilton Beach Power A Elite Multi-Function Blender

Hamilton Beach Power Elite Multi-Function Blender so far is one of the few blenders I’ve reviewed that have glass jars most have had plastic. These have a low end feel to them. The down side to using glass in the jar is it tends to increase the weight.However the plus side is it can handle both hot and cold liquids easily. The glass jar of the Hamilton Beach is both thermal and shock tested so it is able to withstand the extreme temperature changes when in use this is a big plus compared to the plastic jars.

The Hamilton Beach Power Elite Multi-Function Blender is very cost effective in comparison to some of its competitors (typically priced under $27), this is a huge reason why it is currently the bestselling counter top multi-functional blender on Amazon at the moment. The 3 year warranty also makes it stand out from the rest. Most of the competing brands,only comes with a warranty that last for one year. The competing brands also cost more than four times the amount of this model which should be a strong selling point for it. Considering the price of the machine it is very versatile.The machine is capable of making soup,salsa,frozen dessert,smoothies and crushed ice.

This no-frills multi-functional blender is affordable and will deliver great smoothies every day when used correctly. This machine does not host a heavy duty motor like most of the high end blenders so it will not farewell with dry ingredients like peanuts.

When it comes to cleaning the sub $100 best blender the base does have the option to be removed, however I will advise against that due to the risk of being cut by those sharp cutting blades.The easier method would be to add a few drops of liquid detergent and simply put the machine on for a few seconds an alternative to cutting yourself.The only set back to this machine is that the motor is not that powerful, however considering the price you are get a lot of bang for your buck.When it comes to making stuff that does not have that much natural moisture in you would have to add at least 8 ounces of liquid in order for the machine to run smoothly.This is a small price to pay for this good versatile machine that does almost everything that any other high end multi-funtional blender under $100 can do and more.

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