Hamilton Beach

hamiltonbeachThere are actually so many different models of Hamilton Beach kitchen blenders for sale that it is extremely hard to just pick out one to buy. Just look at some of my picks for the following categories:

Before I get to my list, I will just give a bit of background on how I chose these. I looked at the following aspects and did most of my research on Amazon:

  • Easy to disassemble and clean.
  • Good customer service – and Amazon definitely has that!
  • I tried to mainly look at models that are dishwasher safe.
  • Easy to repair or fix and have replacement parts available in case of the small possibiliy that something happens it doesn’t work – maybe it won’t turn on or the blade won’t spin or needs a blade assembly or drive clutch replacement part. That also include jar replacements.
  • A good range of accessories. Things like a extra cups, food processor attachment, chopper, spout or spiget dispenser, etc.
  • I personal like a 10 speed blender which gives me lots of options for blending.

What I Use Blenders For

I use my blender a lot!

  • Making green smoothies with spinach and/or kale.
  • Using it as an ice crusher.
  • Making smooth soups.

Some Examples Of Hamilton Beach Models

Just click on the electricblender links below to find out more about it. Prices, reviews, features and more – all at Amazon.

Small Individual Personal Blenders

These are excellent blenders for when you are on the go and want to quickly make something up to take on the road with you. Grab you blend, throw on a travel lid and you are good to go!

Multi-Purpose Multifunction Blenders

Hand Immersion Blenders

Dispensing Blenders

Commercial Blenders

“Smoothie Smart” Series

“Wave Crusher” Series

“Power Elite” Series


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