Best Blender Under $300 – Blendtec TB-621-25 Total Blender Review

Perhaps no Blendtec TB-621-25 Total Blender review has yet said enough of the product’s power and the difference it has made in the blending world – typically all for under $300, which is somewhat cheaper than competitors like Vitamix. Fast and efficient, the appliance is the perfect companion for anyone desiring to fulfill the toughest blending tasks easily. Whether you are preparing fresh juice, soups, baby food or dressings, Blendtec has provided you with a kitchen appliance that is worthy of every penny spent on acquiring it. In fact, it holds the combined power and efficiency of several of the other appliances found in the kitchen.


The first thing you will notice when you buy the Blendtec TB-621-25 Total Blender is its ability to take in anything and produce perfect results. It has a place for everything, from dough to juice to soups. Coming with 3HP motor using as much as 1560 watts, no other blender in the market rivals it in terms of power. As if that is not enough, the motor is more long-lasting than its rivals courtesy of its carbon brushes and you will, therefore, enjoy its services for a longer period.


Easily programmable, the blender is fitted with a digit screen on its face in addition to a number of control buttons. Further, its pre-programmed modes come to a total of six. They are useful in the automatic speeding up or slowing down of the blender. Because of this, you don’t have to keep your eye on it, which is great for smoothie consistency. When the programmed cycle is over, the blender goes off on its own.

Strong but light-weight

One of the greatest flaws of many blenders which are supposed to have a claim to high quality is the heavy weight of the jar. However, any Blendtec TB-621-25 Total Blender review will mention the unique benefits of the Wildside Jar fitted to the blender. They include a 4″ stainless blade strong enough to handle any tough blending job, but does not make the container any heavier. Moreover, the jar is free of BPA.

Designed for corrosion resistance, the single-bladed wingtip draws the blender apart from its competitors. Further, you don’t have to bother yourself with numerous blending cycles. The jar can hold as much as 3 quarts of your juice or soup.

Durable Base

One of the first signs of exhaustion of the useful period of a blender is the wearing out of the base. Fortunately, the Blendtec TB-621-25 Total Blender is made from highly durable materials capable of resisting wearing off. Additionally, the sealing job is so efficient that no bacteria or unhealthy build-up can find a way through it.

Last Thoughts

With a highly compact make-up, the Blendtec TB-621-25 Total Blender is undoubtedly one appliance kitchen that no one can afford to miss. It weighs 7lbs, is 15″ high, 7″ wide and 8″ deep. In addition, it comes with a recipe book containing more than 230 recipes. While it is ideal for large servings, any Blendtec TB-621-25 Total Blender review will let you know that it is also perfect for smaller ones courtesy of its optimization. As you can see, this is why we rated this as the best blender under $300.

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Updated: July 19, 2017 — 4:15 am
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