Ninja Blender Vs Nutribullet

There are two most striking compact blenders on the market, the Ninja Blender, and the Nutribullet. These two compact personal blenders are necessary for a healthy lifestyle for the ever busy lifestyle. Making a choice between these two blenders may be a hard task to undertake as they all deliver high quality service on the go and comes in a range of marginally differentiated models. However, having a clear distinction of these two powerful blenders will go a long way making your blender shopping choice easier and objective. Here is a comparison of the Ninja Blender vs Nutribullet blenders.

Ninja Blender Vs Nutribullet Comparison Chart

Nutri Ninja
900 watts
600 watts
Stainless Steel Blades
Stainless Steel Blades
Includes a power base, 2 cups with Sip & Seal Lids and recipes
Includes a power base, 1 tall cup, 2 short cups, 1 flat blade and 1 emulsifying blade, 2 re-sealable lids, pocket nutritionist and manual with recipes.
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Check Current Price On Amazon

Ninja Blender Vs Nutribullet Comparision Notes

Power Of The Blenders

The power of a motor running your blender is a crucial factor in determining the ability of the blender to blend a range of ingredients. It also determines the reliability of the blender in the varying weather and climatic conditions as the power taken by the motor determines the revolutions per minute achieved by the blades. A high power motor has higher revolutions and is able to cut even frozen fruits without the need to precut the fruits or to eliminate the seeds. On the contrary, a low powered blender requires more work to prepare the ingredients for blending.

The latest Nutribullet model has a 1700 watts motor compared to the 1500-watt motor used in the Ninja Ultima. The lowest power bullet blender has 600 watts and achieves a high of 2.2 horsepower. On the power motors, the Ninja reigns supreme as the lowest blender runs on 1000 watts motor and can achieve a 2.0 Horsepower. However, the motors used in these blenders are powerful as they can achieve high blending performance. They are both handy in processing fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables for your smoothie.


Both blenders come with a set of powerful stain less steel blades to ensure the best health aspects in your smoothies. The blades do not accumulate rust and are strong enough to smash and emulsify the fruit seeds, vegetable stems and remove any hard outer cover of the fruits. The ninja brand comes with blades that can achieve a maximum of 24,000 revolution in a minute while the bullet brand can achieve a high of 30,000 revolutions. The positioning of the blades is significant as it determines the quality of the blender to mix and grind the ingredients in the cups. The Ninja has high-positioned blades allowing them to reach further in the cup for perfect mixing. The Nutribullet blades are best positioned for liquefying as they have a better blending capability and power.

The rubber gaskets holding the blades in Nutri bullet is detachable for easy cleaning. This allows you to easily clean the foods that may be stuck on this area. On its part, the Ninja gaskets are concealed with deep groove and do not come out during cleaning. When using the ninja blenders, a thorough cleaning of the lid is necessary to avoid the buildup of foodstuffs in the deep groves, as it is impossible to remove the gasket. The threads in the gaskets are reversed in the Ninja Blender making the inside of the cup threaded and render them unsuitable for other purposes like drinking. The Nutribullet threads are outside the cup making such them usable for other purposes other than blending.


The accessories accompanying the blender are another differentiating factor among these two set of great brands. The container sizes are important as it determines the amount of ingredients you can blend at any time depending with your daily needs. The Nutribullet comes with a 12 piece accessories. These includes an extractor blade, a 32 oz. colossal cup, a 24 oz. tall cup, a handled lip ring, regular lip ring, a flip top lid that makes it special favorite for use during sports, a nutritionist pocket, a user’s manual and a recipe book. The lids in most Nutribullet blenders are reusable with ability to keep the contents fresh all time. The fill line for this line of blenders is halfway making it is possible to fill bullet blender to the brim with fruits but not liquids.

The Ninja brand comes with a 15 set accessories. These include a high torque power base, a set of two extractor blades, and a set of both colossal and tall cups. There is an 18 Oz jar but the size varies depending with the brand, the current ninja brand has a 72 oz. cup to hold more ingredients, and a pair of two sips and reseal lids. There is a handheld and a regular lip ring accompanied by a flip top lid accompanied with a user’s manual, a cookbook, recipe book and a pocket nutritionist. Ninja blenders are good for recipes with a high liquid content as their fill line is close to the brim.

The safety of the cups is assured since both brands come with high impact nontoxic plastic cups with a high resistance to shuttering. The cup comes with differing colors for the user’s convenience. In Ninja blenders, the 3 cups are dual purpose unlike those in bullet blenders.

Functions Control

The designing of the blender functioning controls is a great feature to consider in a blender. The ease of mastering the control functions makes it easier to use a blender and get the most from your equipment. Incomprehensive controls only complicate the usage of the blender. There is no much complex function for these blenders since they run on only one speed level.

The latest Ninja blender incorporates an auto IQ technology for easier use even by children. This new technology is designed for each cup attached to the blender and combines pulsing, blending, and pausing patterns depending with the cup in use. Once you set up the set the blender on auto IQ, you can attend to other things without a worry of your smoothies failing or the blender breaking down due to over working. Although the Nutribullet has no such technology, its functions are easy to understand as they are explained in the user’s manual in a simple language accompanied with graphical explanation.

The ease of handling these two set of blenders goes a step higher when washing them. Both Ninja Blender and Nutribullet jars are safe for use in a dishwasher. The accompanying accessories are also easy to wash with ease. Handling the pitchers does not require much dexterity, as they are not highly fragile. However, it is highly recommended to use the cleaning tools that came along your blender when washing them. Hand washing is possible in Nutribullet brands as most of these brands are detachable, which prolongs your blender’ life by removing the sticky elements from the hidden parts of the blender.

Pricing And Warranties

When making a Ninja Blender vs Nutri bullet comparison, pricing is a great factor to consider. The qualities mentioned in this article come with a differing price. Since each brand has several models, the prices differ with the features of each model and configurations. Both brands have their prices set between $90 for the low end line and $200 for the advanced models. However, the prices vary among the retailers depending with any ongoing offers in the region. These blenders are also readily available in the online retail outlets at very competitive rates. Like most kitchen appliances, each brand model comes with a one-year warranty that guarantees you an excellent service without much interruption by machine breakdown.

Varying Capabilities

These two brands have varying capabilities. The Nutribullet reigns supreme in making juices as it can liquefy most parts of fruits and vegetables. When thinking of making hot soups, the only choice is the Nutribullet brand. The combination of high power and quality blades grants the Nutribullet such excellent chance to make soups. There is no version of the Ninja with the requisite speed to turn cold ingredients into hot soups. In fact, ninja blenders carry a safety warning not to put hot liquids exceeding 82°C in the blenders.

When grinding, the high power Nutribullet vs Ninja is the best as it can grind hard foods into flour. However, the container will be foggy and scratched on the inside. The Ninja is perfect for chopping, making ice creams, and desserts, as they are well known for blending softer products. In making smoothies, texture is key. The Nutribullet brand pulverizes anything you put in it, making your smoothies have a consistent smooth texture unlike the Ninja brands that creates chunky smoothies.


We tried to make the comparison between the Ninja Vs Nutribullet as best as we could in showing the pros and cons of each. I don’t believe that one is better than the other – it is more a matter of preference, budget, what you will be using the blender for and what you will be making with the blender. With that said though, whether you choose the Ninja or the Nutri bullet, you should be happy with either of these excellent blenders.

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