What is the Best Immersion Blender of 2017?

Traditional blenders get all of the credit. In 2017, no kitchen is complete without a high-performance immersion blender.

Immersion blenders, also called ‘hand blenders,’ differ from their predecessors in that the blending tool is held by hand and immersed in the vegetables, fruits, liquids, or creams you’re mixing.

Although traditionally constructed blenders on the market come in high-powered and high-volume types and varieties, immersion blenders have some key advantages, including:

  • high quality comes at low cost
  • maneuverable for careful application
  • practical for use in any size container
  • easy to handle–just wipe off, clean, and store

What’s more, immersion blenders have become completely mainstream, replacing their blender jar counterparts for dozens of jobs. Anna Olson from her show Fresh with Anna Olson on Food Network Canada described her Kuraidori immersion blender as “a staple tool in the kitchen for all of my blending tasks.”

Are you sold on the advantages of immersion blenders? Good! Now let’s take a look at what’s out on the market.

The Best Immersion Blender of 2017

In 2017, the market for immersion blenders exploded. Professional chefs shared their enthusiasm just as young families who don’t want to bother with the blender jar picked up their immersion blenders as easy, sensible alternatives.

Now, we’re eager to tell you about our pick for Best Immersion Blender of 2017–but you can’t be best without facing a little competition.

First, we’ll share some details about our two runner-ups, their special features, and why they make a great addition to any kitchen. Then, we’ll tell you all about why our winner took the trophy for the entire year.

There are plenty of qualities that are universal to all immersion blenders. Here’s what made these three stand out from the crowd.

#3: Dualit 700W Hand Blender


The first two things you’ll notice about the Dualit 700W Hand Blender is its sleek modern style and low price, but what will steal the show is its powerful deep dive and comfortable speed adjustment. It seems to adapt to your needs for any recipe and any volume, with a slim, maneuverable neck and ergonomic design that make it a versatile tool.

A possible trade-off for the price is the ease with which it accumulates finger smudges and watermarks. As with many modern appliances, Dualit attempts to make this model a multi-purpose kitchen gadget. It comes with a food processor container, but only with the basic chopper blade feature.

Notable Features

  • Variable speed control
  • “Turbo” function for extra power
  • Food processor container
  • Friendly pricing
  • Stylish, ergonomic design

Why Third Place?

Although there is a lot of value in the Dualit model for its modest price, it lacks the range serious modern chefs require to prepare advanced soups, creams, purees, and desserts.

Our conclusion: this is an excellent immersion blender for any home or even a budding amateur chef.

#2: Braun MQ777 Immersion Blender


If there was an IQ test for immersion blenders, the Braun MQ777 Multiquick 7 Hand Blender would score at the top of its class. With a design built for performance, its steel blades and curved shaft produce better, finer results more quickly than most competitors. In terms of speed, its Smart Speed feature enables you to squeeze tightly for greater speeds and adjusts with deepening immersion. In terms of immersion blenders, it’s a true Artificial Intelligence–as you learn to use it, it seems to respond in turn.

Notable Features

  • 7-inch immersion shaft
  • Smart Speed technology
  • PoewrBell Technology with bell-shaped blending shaft
  • Complete professional attachments kit
  • Easy-to-use, modern design

Why Second Place?

As one of the most intuitive and versatile immersion blenders on the market, the Braun MQ777 Immersion Blender has earned a place of honor in our list. Both powerful and user-friendly, this device earns high marks for its ease of use. It’s also notable for how well it prevents messes and mishaps–even when making soap.

Our conclusion: this is an outstanding choice for chefs who have a wide range of jobs to do successfully, simultaneously, and with minimal fuss.

#1: Breville Control Grip Immersion Blender


Remember our key advantages above? The Breville Control Grip has the quality, maneuverability, practicality, and ease we look for in immersion blenders, all in one package.

Among dozens of models, the Breville Control Grip produces the best results in terms of smoothness and consistency–literally, the proof is in the pudding. With minimal effort, the device creates a swirling vortex that produces a smooth, ideal texture for any kitchen project. Its non-suction tool provides consistency to your efforts for a first-class meal your family or guests deserve.

With superior comfort, rubber grip handling, and minimal resistance, an unusually small amount of effort goes a long way when compared to other models. Though not exorbitant, quality doesn’t come cheap; but what you’ll take away is lasting, quality food from a truly professional product.

Notable Features

  • Non-scratch, Bell-shaped base
  • Splash-free, shroud-protected blending blades
  • Suction-reducing internal ribbing
  • “pistol”-style rubber control grip
  • Wide-ranging speeds producing an ideal vortex

Why First Place?

Among professional reviews, the Breville Control Grip Immersion Blender has an enormously high success rate. Leading publications like The Wall Street Journal celebrate the blender for its commercial-grade performance and its variety of uses:

“When we’re testing something in a small recipe, we use Breville’s Control Grip immersion blender because it’s the closest thing to a small-scale commercial product. It has a strong grip so you can really control it. We use it to make all of our flavored milk, our pumpkin ganache–anything that’s spreadable or smooth.”

In our estimate, no other model balanced ease-of-use, sustainability, and quality results than the Breville Control Grip.


Throughout our coverage of both traditional and immersion blenders, we’ve recommended products based on speed, price, versatility, and design, but there is no better measurement of success than the quality of the food you’re producing and how well the product meets your needs.

Additionally, 2018 promises to bring about a new wave of immersion blender models, capabilities, and accessories. Stay on the lookout for new features like lighter weight; greater shaft flexibility; cleaner, more powerful blending; and stronger, long-lasting batteries for cordless devices.

Want to learn more? Visit MyBlender.org for dozens of reviews on a wide range of blender products, categories and features.

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