What Blender is Comparable to Vitamix?

When it comes to high-performing blenders, Vitamix is at the top of the list. It is a renowned brand and is quite popular among health-conscious customers. With the increasing popularity, the brand has managed to raise its price bar due to the quality it offers. However, every brand has its fair share of competitors. Some people now look for affordable but similar options that raise the question, what blender is comparable to Vitamix?

Vitamix has many competitors like Blendtec, Ninja, Tempest, Omni blend, Nutribullet, and Versa. Several other companies offer the same types of features with lower rates but there is always a catch. The lower price is due to the decreased quality or decreased durability. Usually, the cheaper brands have a very short-term guarantee offer.

What Blender is Comparable to Vitamix?

According to various ratings and by comparing sales, the Ninja is a brand which can be compared to the Vitamix, in term of higher sales. Ninja is among the best sellers on online stores in 2017 and has been quite popular to buy for oneself or to gift to others. Both of these brands have various models of a blender, under their company names, but we will make a comparison based on their general features.

Performance: It Matters the Most!

Performance is what both blenders have. Vitamix and Ninja both can blend quite delicious and rich smoothies. Additionally, since both blenders have a recipe book in their packages, it is quite easy to just open that book and try new recipes.

Regardless, a person who knows too much about blending can easily spot the difference between the two. This is because specific ingredients can be hard to blend properly due to the variating capability of the two blenders.  For example, if you love making vegetable and fruit smoothies, you will clearly note the difference. Vitamix will blend any type of vegetable into the smoothest liquid ever.

On the other hand, Ninja might leave a texture to the liquid. Additionally, Ninja does not work properly at blending in seeds or any dry or hard ingredient, for that matter. This slight lack of quality may bother some customers who prefer their liquid to be thick and smooth, and without the texture of the original ingredients.

When it comes to blending hot liquids, Ninja is not the blender that you want. The reason being, Ninja products come with a warning sign, which clearly notifies that one should use these products to blend hot liquids. So if you plan to make a hot soup, you might want to just blend the preparatory ingredient and then heat them to their final stage on the stove or in the microwave.

In contrast, Vitamix can work for hot liquids quite effectively. Therefore, despite the fact that both create great smoothies, Vitamix does prove to be costly due to the extra benefits.

Quality Defines Class   

The raw materials that are used to make the two different blenders are totally different. Ninja blenders are made of plastic and rubber, whereas Vitamix blenders are made from metal. Plastic, as compared to metal, is quite cheap and tend to get ruined sooner. Since Ninja’s warranty is not long-lasting; the products cannot be replaced when they really need to be.

Vitamix uses various metals to make its blade connections, drive sockets, and jug connector, which makes their products more durable and tough. Additionally, the cup of Vitamix is thick-walled and double-insulated. This means the cup will keep the filling liquid hot or cold for a longer duration. Also, the wall of the cup is clear giving visual aid in case any changes need to be made.

Ninja provides more cups in their packages and is also double-insulated. However, their cups are thin-walled allowing the liquid to remain cold only for around 4 hours. The thin wall allows conduction to occur eventually leading to the liquid losing its cool. In addition, the cups are opaque, which makes it difficult to observe the blending process.

Production House: Made in Where?

Many Ninja products are made in China and only some are made in the USA. Vitamix is made, specifically, in the USA. Even though the country of production does not define quality, the locals tend to buy more products if they are manufactured in their local country or continent. It is just a matter of satisfaction which is common human nature.

Cost: Defining Standards

The biggest feature that keeps Ninja at the top of the list against Vitamix is the price. Ninja blenders are literally half the cost of a single Vitamix. Used Vitamix blenders might still be more expensive than a brand new piece of Ninja.

Ninja does the same work as the Vitamix, provides a larger variety of cups and blades and actually sells more than Vitamix. Buyers tend to get attracted to the variety and the lower price. Still, people who don’t mind paying extra, and prefer precision and quality will buy only Vitamix.

Blade: The Competitive Edge

The blade designs of the Vitamix are dull, short, four blades which are used for slicing as well as hammering through ingredients. The shorter design allows the liquid to be smoother.  The blades are well-designed, do not wear and hence, do not need to be regularly sharpened.

Ninja blades are long, six-sided blades that are quite sharp. The blending method of Ninja is, therefore, quite different, which explains the difference in the texture of the two blends. Nonetheless, the length can be a problem as the ingredients get stuck and the blender needs to be repetitively stopped to clear out the attachment.


The warranty offer of Ninja is conditional due to which the actual warranty remains only for one to two years for the most part. Vitamix provides a good warranty offer for five to seven years.


Whenever we buy a blender, our sole desire is to be able to make the best smoothies, nut butter, soups, shakes, sorbets and thick, creamy wonders. Despite the fact that both of the blenders have the same function, Vitamix, being the pricier one, does have its perks.

On the other hand, despite the many downsides of Ninja blenders, they have higher ratings, are more popular, and sell more than the Vitamix blenders.

Consequently, if someone asks, what blender is comparable to Vitamix, we do have a possible answer.

Updated: January 22, 2018 — 11:59 am
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