What Is The Difference Between Vitamix 5200 And 7500?

Vitamix has been has been designing and manufacturing blenders for quite some time now. Among their most popular is the Vitamix 5200. This blender is without a doubt the most scrutinized and copied product they currently have on the market. Most of the renowned household review product websites have given this blender very good scores.

Difference Between Vitamix 5200 And 7500 Comparison Chart

Vitamix 5200
Vitamix 7500
ControlsTwo toggle switches and variable speed knob.Two toggle switches and variable speed knob, with additional pulse control.
2 horsepower.2.2 horsepower.
20.5 inches high18 inches high (easier to fit under kitchen cabinets)
Stainless steelStainless steel wide blade

Vitamix also have another product dabbed the Vitamix 7500. The Vitamix 7500 belongs to a newer generation of Vitamix blenders. These new generation blenders use the larger 4″ blade and the 2.2 horsepower motor. Though it is from a newer generation, the 7500 still retains the much loved traditional manual controls with some cool new features added. Though it cost more than the 5200, the cool added features on the 7500 make its cost worth it. With that said and done, this article will compare and outline the difference between Vitamix 5200 and 7500. So, let us begin.


The first area to look at is the controls. When you first look at both the 5200 and the 7500, you may be led to believe that they have exactly the same control settings. But at a closer look, you will realize that there are some subtle differences. Both of these blenders have two toggle switches on the left and right sides and a variable speed knob that adjusts from speed zero to ten. But the main difference between these blenders’ controls can be seen on the 7500. You will notice that the 7500 has the pulse option on the left toggle switch, something that is lacking in the 5200. The 5200 has the pulse option too, but to use it, you will have to use the on/off switch, which is located on the right hand side quite a lot. Apart from this, all the other options are the same in both blenders.


Another area to look at in order to spot the difference between the Vitamix 5200 and the 7500 is their motors. The 5200 uses a 2 horspower motor. This motor is capable of spinning the blades at speeds of over 24mph! This motor has proven over time that it is robust and more than capable of withstanding anything thrown at it. You can throw in ice and it will turn it into snow, a block of cheese and it will grate it. That is the power of this motor.

But if you thought that the 5200’s motor is the most powerful you can ever get, you will be surprised with the 7500’s motor. The Vitamix 7500 motor is an upgrade of the 5200’s. The 7500 is powered by a 2.2 horsepower 1440 watt¬† motor. When this motor is at full power, it can spin this blender’s blades at about 37,000 rpm; that is faster than any supercar engine available today.

The 7500’s motor also has a cooling system, which makes it much better than that of the 5200. With this cooling system, the 7500 is capable of running for a very long time without overheating. With the 7500’s motor, you can crush ice without adding water, mix dough, make frozen desserts, and make hot soup without worrying that you will break the motor. Its motor’s robustness and strength is the reason why you will find the 7500 in a lot of juice bars.


We should also look at the pitcher when making out the differences between the 5200 and the 7500. Most people who have used the Vitamix 5200 complain about the sheer size, particularly the height of this machine. The 5200 measures 20.5 inches when measured from top to bottom. This size makes it impossible to fit in most countertop cabinets.¬† After hearing this complaint, Vitamix rectified it with the 7500. In this variant, Vitamix shaved off 2.5 inches without affecting the blender’s capacity. What they did in order to preserve the capacity is they widened the pitcher. This new pitcher looks much better and fits in almost all countertop cabinets making it better than that of the 7500.

Blade Size

The Vitamix 5200 and the 7500 both use hammermill stainless-steel blades. These blades are the best as they do not rust or corrode. Now this is the furthest the similarity in the blades of both blenders goes. The 5200 has a three inches blade, but was upsized to four inches in the new generation of Vitamix blenders to ensure that it can perform with the wider pitcher. The 7500 has this wider blade. This means that it has more blending and chopping power when combined with its powerful motor. Another difference in blades between the 5200 and 7500 is the 5200 has four fatter blades, while the 7500’s four blades are skinny with more angle on the tips.

There are more difference between Vitamix 5200 and the Vitamix 7500. These four are among them. With these differences, it is safe to say that the Vitamix 7500 is better than the 5200.

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