Vitamix 300 or 750? Which One Will You Choose?

Vitamix is the designer and manufacturer of a host of some of the best blenders in the world. Among their range of products are the Vitamix 300 and Vitamix 750. These two blenders are from their professional series. By saying professional series, it does not mean that they are equipped with motors that are more powerful than those of the non-professional series such as the 7500. All blenders manufactured by Vitamix are equipped with powerful professional grade motors. The words professional series on a Vitamix blender only mean that it is supplied with a cookbook that contains recipes that will help you prepare gourmet quality food only found in hotels and restaurants. Otherwise, nearly everything under the hood of the Vitamix 300 and the Vitamix 750 is the same. This article will make a comparison of Vitamix 300 vs 750, helping you make the decision on which one is the best for you.


Let us start by comparing the motors of these two blenders. As mentioned above, both the Vitamix 300 and 750 are equipped with the same motor. They both use the 2nd generation 2.2 HP motor. This motor has a cooling system that prevents the motor from overheating, therefore, allowing you to run it longer. Also, improved cooling means that you have the flexibility of trying out all types of recipes since the blender can run longer. For those recipes such as for pizza dough, which is usually hard to make using other blenders, you can simply refer to the cookbook that comes with both these blenders for the correct settings.


Another area to look at is the interface of the blenders. This is one area where you will notice a significant difference between the Vitamix 300 and 750. The 300 has a simple interface. It has a dial that is used to adjust the speed at the middle, on the left there is a pulse switch, and on the right a start/stop toggle switch. Its layout is similar to that that of the 5200 and the 5300, the only difference is the pulse setting switch is not available on the 5200.

The Vitamix 750, on the other hand, comes with preset controls on top of the pulse and variable speed controls. The preset controls help you eliminate guess work when blending certain types of recipes. You will be impressed to know that there are five pre-programmed settings for making puree, frozen dessert, soup, and smoothies in the Vitamix 750. On top of that, there is another pre-programmed setting for cleaning the pitcher. These settings help you to get a more consistent result in your recipes. All you have to do is choose your setting, and you can even relax and do other things as the blender does all the work. Using these settings will help you save a lot of time especially if you are a chef or someone who runs a juice bar.

Blade Size

The blade size of both the Vitamix 300 and 750 are the same. This is because both of these blenders use containers of the same size. Their blades measure 4 inches in diameter. This is approximately an inch wider that those of the 5200 and other blenders of the previous generation. Both blenders use stainless-steel hammermill blades. The fact that the blades are stainless steel means that they cannot corrode or rust, which is important because you do not want a rusty blade chopping and blending your food.

Container (Pitcher)

Consumers who have used the Vitamix 5200 mostly complained of its size. The complaint was that the 5200 is so tall that it cannot fit into most standard countertop cabinets. Vitamix paid attention to these complaints and released a low profile container that still has the same capacity as that of the 5200. This new 64-ounce low-profile pitcher is used by both the Vitamix 300 and the 750. With this container, the overall height of the blender is reduced to 17.5 inches from 20.5 inches. This makes both the 300 and 750 capable of fitting into most standard countertop cabinets.

What can they make?

Both the Vitamix 300 and the 750 can make pretty much any recipe that you have in mind. This is because; they use the same pitcher, blade, and motor. The only significant difference they have is the pre-programmed controls in the 750 that the 300 does not have. These pre-programmed controls, as mentioned earlier, allow you to make recipes such as frozen desserts and soups without the need of manually starting and stopping the blender, or timing it.


Both the Vitamix 300 and the 750 are good choices if you are looking for a blender for your cooking needs. They are both equipped with a 2.2 HP motor that is powerful and heavy duty enough to handle pretty much anything you throw at it. After comparing Vitamix 300 vs 750, we recommend that you purchase any one of them for your blending needs.

Updated: March 31, 2017 — 5:11 pm
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