Vitamix 3600 Vs 5200

Blenders are must-haves in every kitchen. They open up a world of possibilities when it comes to food preparation and make a lot of things easier to do. Having them around means that you don’t need to purchase certain processed foods in the grocery as you can make your own. For instance, you can go and create your own nut butters and baby food. The family can east healthier because your creations are fresh and free from harmful preservatives. But so many blenders out there are just not up to the task. They often break down too quickly of produce mediocre results. If you want a great blender, go for a Vitamix.

Vitamix 3600 vs 5200

These two models have been released by Vitamix a long time ago but they are still in high demand today because of their proven performance. For instance, the 3600 is a model that was originally launched by the company way back in 1969. It is effectively older than most shoppers today yet its reputation is such that many seek it out. The company is offering parts for its legacy products allowing older models to be reconditioned and sold to loyal fans. This high-powered blender is known to do everything from making hot soups to grinding seeds into powder.

The 5200 is another Vitamix bestseller. It belongs to the legendary C-series that includes the TurboBlend VS, the Creations II, the Pro 200, and the CIA Pro. It does not feature any presets unlike the more advanced models like the 6300 and the Pro 500 but this is not a big deal for many. People who aren’t averse to the full manual mode can pick this up and be very happy with its performance. It is incredibly versatile and churns out excellent performance every time. The G-series which came after this is considered to have a more advanced design but the 5200 can still hold its own.


In this age where electronic devices seem to become obsolete within a year a forgotten, it is amazing to see things like the Vitamix 3600 being so cherished despite an age that spans several decades. The design language certainly takes one back to the 60s. It is not as sleek or as light as the blenders of today. Instead of the usual black plastic bottom and clear plastic top of the 5200, this one is covered in metal all over. Stainless steel was the material of choice back then and it seems to be a good one because there are no visible rust or major cosmetic issues until now. Only the knob, handle, and top are made of plastic.


The 3600 was definitely designed with the family in mind. The steel container can hold as much as 72 ounces of materials. That’s an equivalent of 2.13 liters for those who work in the metric scale. This means that it can serve several glasses of juice or bowls of soup on a typical weekend. Moms won’t have to make repeat batches for the little ones which saves them time and effort. The 5200, on the other hand, comes close at 64 ounces which is the biggest capacity available for the more modern Vitamix models. This is not bad in any way but a little smaller than its predecessor.


Both are equipped with powerful motors that peak at 2 hp. This means that the blades can spin at incredible speeds to chop up solid food and blends everything in the container. According to the spec sheet of the 5200, its blades can spin up to a blinding 240 mph. This would explain why the machine is so effective in its intended purpose. Of course, this speed can be adjusted using the control knob. The good thing about having such as powerful engine is that you can be confident that it can handle whatever you throw at it, unlike so many cheap blenders that stop and stutter when faced with harder food items.


The Vitamix 5200 uses the standard 3-inch blade which is made out of stainless steel hammermill. This blade is precision cut with laser for the sharpest edges. It can slice through anything from soft fruits to hard nuts with as much ease. It should last for many years without getting dull. When it’s time for a replacement, just call the company to get the necessary part. Unfortunately, blades for the 3600 are much harder to come by because of their age.

No Presets

There is no difference when it comes to presets between the Vitamix 3600 vs 5200. Both do not have any pre-programmed settings so you will have to manually adjust the controls to get your desired output. Simply turn the knob to the speed level you want until the right consistency is achieved.

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