Vitamix 6200 Vs 5200 Review

A blender is an essential part of every household. You will need a blender for making drinks, smoothies, batters, baby food, frozen desserts, hot soups, sauces, or other dishes. It can spare you a lot hard work and at the same time, deliver a great output that could be savored by everybody, right from a toddler to the oldest person in the house.

Different people have different expectations from the blenders. A small family would prefer a compact blender while a large family would prefer a full-fledged version of the product. The other factors that influence the choice of the customer include ease of use, material of make, type of warranty and its duration, after-sales service, wattage, speed settings and maintenance cost. Then again, there are people who want a portable blender that can rest in their car. When it comes to blenders, one brand that needs to be talked about is Vitamix. It produces and sells blenders for households, restaurants, and many other commercial activities. Vitamix blenders are made to last, easy to use, and provide precise texture. Here is a comparative review of Vitamix 6200 vs 5200 for you. Both of these are meant for household use only.

Vitamix 6200
Weighing at about 11 pounds, it is a 20-inch tall blender that would take up some space in your kitchen. It uses 3-inch stainless steel blades that provide a smooth consistency in all your blends. These blades are laser-cut to precision making them quite sharp and accurate. This household blender comes with a 6 feet long chord. The 64-ounce container would be sufficient to fulfil the needs of a large family. You can prepare medium to large batches by putting in the desired quantity of ingredients into the jar. However, you are always advised to leave a little space at the top to allow for bubbles and air. One of its most popular uses is for making peanut butter. You can get fresh, home-made butter that has a consistency that would beat products from the market.

It comes with three settings that would let you process ingredients to produce smoothies, soups and desserts. Other than the settings, there is a speed control button as well. This blender can handle both hot and cold ingredients with ease.

Vitamix 5200
This household blender comes in different versions. These include Deluxe, Super, Standard and Compact versions. Here are the details of each version.

This blender comes with three jars, with two of them of the same capacity. It is as tall as the 6200. It has a ten-speed dial that can help you control the texture. You can produce soups and smoothies of variable consistencies. It doesn’t take much time to blend ingredients thus making the process fast and effective. This blender is known to produce healthy foods by retaining the nutrition of the ingredients. The ingredients won’t get hot and won’t lose their nutritional value. It comes with the classic 64-ounce jar, a 32-ounce container and another same capacity dry grains container. You can produce flour and make dough in the blender. The ten-speed dial would allow you to produce flour of variable consistencies. Other things included in the package are: a DVD, two cookbooks, a guide, two tampers, a few cutting boards, a spatula set, and a motor-base.

This version has two jars against the three that come in the Deluxe version. It is available in four different colours. Design-wise, it too has the on-off button and a 10-speed dial. You can produce blends and flour of different consistencies and fine tune them to precision with the help of the speed dial. Its 64-ounce jar can produce medium to large batches. The package includes a 64-ounce container, a 32-ounce dry grains container, 2 cookbooks, 2 tampers, a DVD, a guide and a motor base. This blender also retains nutritional value of the ingredients. The size of the jars and other dimensions are same as in the Deluxe version.

It comes with a single standard 64-ounce jar, a cookbook, a DVD, a tamper, a guide and a motor-base. Rest of the specification are same as in the Super and Deluxe versions.

This is the smallest of the lot. It comes with a single small jar of capacity 48 ounces. The package includes a DVD, a cookbook and a getting started guide, a mini-tamper, and a motor-base. The maximum height of the product is about 17 inches and it would take less space in your kitchen.

The Vitamix 5200 and 6200 blenders come with a 7-year warranty. You are advised to register your product online or through correspondence as soon as you buy it. The warranty holds only if the product is used for household purposes. It covers any sort of repair that is required to mend manufacturing defects or any regular wear and tear of the machine. If the product can’t be repaired, the company would either give you a refund or replace it. The warranty also covers all the shipping charges incurred in sending and receiving the product.

This was the comparative review of vitamix 6200 vs 5200.

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