What Can You Do with An Immersion Blender and How to Use It Safely?

What Can You Do with An Immersion Blender and How to Use It Safely?

Immersion blenders came as an offshoot of modified blenders that tried to address the demand from cooks to have something to make their soups and other similar concoctions more consistent when it comes to the flavor and texture. Taking into consideration that it is a handheld blender makes you think of what can you do with an immersion blender other than dowsing it in soup and letting it flutter about.

Immersion Blenders Explained

As mentioned, immersion blenders are technically a handheld blender complete with the blades and the body, without the jar or bottle that it usually comes with. This kitchen tool is commonly used for mixing hot ingredients to achieve a finer consistency.

Contrary to popular belief, the immersion blender has been around for quite some time, decades actually, and it has gone from being a modified hand mixer into blades on a stick. The larger version has been called as boat motors, mostly because of all the noise that they make as you use them.

A common denominator among the different brands and models of immersion blenders is that almost half of its entire body can be immersed into the mixture that you will be blending. This lends it more versatility and flexibility as it can reach depths that are normally out-of-reach from mixers and blenders.

The overall design of the immersion blender allows it to be used both in hot and cold applications, while the motors are flexible enough to pulp soft vegetables while still being able to grind ice. Accessories like a goblet, a stand, and protective gloves are often included with the immersion blender.

What Can You Do with An Immersion Blender?

Making great soups and delicate sauces are a given when it comes to using immersion blenders, as these are the things that the tool was made for. However, here are some other ways you can use your immersion blender, effectively lending you a hand beyond the saucepan.

  • The Shake Down!

It’s all in the name; this kitchen tool is technically a blender on a stick. And what are blenders typically used for? Shakes, of course! Its motor is powerful enough to drive the sharp blades through ice, effectively crushing them into delectable sizes. Place some of your favorite ingredients in a metal mixing cup, put the blades and shaft in, then slowly add ice cubes as you grind and blend all the ingredients together. This would result in a perfectly blended smoothie.

  • Batter Up!

Some immersion blenders may come with detachable blades that can be replaced by paddles for dry mixing. With the use of the said attachment, place some pancake or waffle mix into a mixing bowl, pour the eggs and milk then immerse your blender into that waffle goodness. Mix until everything has achieved a fluid consistency.

  • Egg It On!

Much like making the perfect pancake batter, immersion blenders can be used to mix up some eggs to create the perfect scrambled eggs. Add in some of your favorite breakfast meats and greens, and you can upgrade it into a wonderful omelet.

  • Whip It!

Soups and sauces are not the only food items that you can make while letting the motors of your immersion blender whirl. You can use this kitchen tool to make some homemade whipped cream and even butter. Just the ingredients of your choice in a mixing container, and let the powerful motor guide those ingredients into achieving their destiny. Be it as a mayonnaise variant, whipped cream or butter, even salad dressings!

  • Hummus? You must!

One of the more popular middle eastern spreads in the world, hummus has a simple recipe to follow, but most are reluctant to create a jar or two of this spread because of the tools that were formerly needed to create it. With an immersion blender, you can just mix the split peas with some olive oil and tahini, and let the blades puree the seeds and combine everything into a consistent-looking hummus.

  • Jamming with the Babe

Mashing fruit and vegetables for your little one can be tiresome and may eventually hurt your wrist, especially if you’re not careful. Using an immersion blender to mix and grind these food items to the consistency that your baby wants makes everything oh so easy! Mix it up some more and add some sugar, and you’ll have a nutritious jam for your toast.

The Safe Way to Use Immersion Blenders

Knowing what can you do with an immersion blender is halfway towards using it more efficiently. Other than knowing what you can use it with also means understanding how to use immersion blenders safely. Here are some tips:

  • Follow the instructions found on the user manual. If in case the said manual is not available, then refer to the manufacturer’s website or search for it on the Internet.
  • Use metal mixing cups or bowls, as well as hard plastic ones. Do not use non-stick pans or even glass dishes as a mixing container as these two can shatter or chip once it comes into contact with the whirling blades of the immersion blender.
  • Utilize the hook-like attachment that immersion blenders if you need to hang it on the side of a pot. This can also serve as a rest when you lie the blender down on the kitchen counter.
  • Keep the motor dry during and after using it. 
  • Unplug the blender when not in operation and right before cleaning it. This should be observed at all times.
  • Store the immersion blender in a cool, dry place. This storage place should also be far from the reach of children and irresponsible adults.
  • Utilize all the attachment that it comes with and use them properly. Some immersion blenders would come with protective guards that protect the user from hot splashes, as well as stray shrapnel from sensitive ingredients and containers.
  • Keep it moving while you are using it. It works best if it can cover the maximum area of the food you are mixing or cooking. Letting it stay in one place does not ensure consistency at all.

Immersion blenders make for a wonderful addition to any kitchen as it can do a lot of things that other kitchen tools can only do part of. This is not to say that it is better than a traditional blender or a hand mixer, but if the function of the immersion blender is more apt to your needs, then it would make more sense to get it rather than the other two.

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