Review Of The Vitamix 5300 – Is It Really Worth The Price?

Truth be told, the Vitamix 5300 is one blender you probably have thought of buying. But is it the right blender for you, especially considering the wide variety of blender options under the Vitamix brand name?

It is for this reason that I have chosen to review the Vitamix 5300. I have been using a Vitamix 5300
for close to 4 years now. And in this article I will be sharing with you everything I know about this blender, to help you make an informed decision on whether it is the right blender for you.

New vs refurbished

The term refurbished is one you have probably come across when browsing for deals on blenders and other home appliances. Based on information gathered from the Vitamix website, there are two differently priced Vitamix 5300 to choose from. You can either buy a brand new 5300 for about $ 529 or you can opt for the certified refurbished model for $ 359. The Vitamix 5300 is the only blender in its price point with this option. Thus it should not come as surprise that it is on my list of the best blenders of 2017.

When you consider that to get your hands on a Vitamix 7500 you will have to cough up $ 550, the certified refurbished 5300 is quite the bargain. I have reviewed over 100 blenders and let me tell you, the refurbished Vitamix offers great value for your money.

When you buy a refurbished 5300 blender you will get a 5 year full warranty. Sure, this is two years less than the warranty of a new 5300 model but it is still a mark of Vitamix’s confidence in its products.

What does refurbished mean

Now I know what you are thinking, what is the difference between the two? Well at first glance the two
are completely identical save for the price difference. Technically speaking a certified refurbished product is a 2nd hand product. Meaning that it was purchased and then returned for one reason or the other, which can be anything from a small defect to a change of mind.

The good news is that a refurbished blender is always as good as new. In fact, when you compare a
refurbished blender to a new one, you will not be able to tell the difference. What surprises me is that very few people have picked up on the value of the certified refurbished 5300 blender. From the reviews it is clear that very few people have jumped on the opportunity to save money by buying the refurbished 5300 and that those who have could not be happier.

Main features

Irrespective of price, the Vitamix 5300 comes with the same unique features which are;

High performance 2.2 Horsepower motor

At the heart of the 5300’s performance is a powerful 2.2 Horsepower motor that will never give up on you. Impressively, this motor is similar to that of Vitamix’s next Gen line of blenders. As such, this is the most powerful blender in the manufacturer’s C-series of blenders. Additionally, with such a powerful motor there is almost nothing this blender cannot process. To crown it all off, the motor though powerful is quieter than other similarly powerful motors.

Low profile 64 ounce container

Another thing that the 5300 model and Vitamix’s Next Gen models have in common is the low profile 64
ounce container. Personally, I love the fact that this low profile container is shorter than the old style vitamix containers. The shorter container makes the blender easy to store. Thanks to this low profile container you are able to make more than enough for you and your family.

Variable speed control

When it comes to ease of use, the 5300 model does not disappoint thanks to its variable speed control. This flexible control dial lets you produce whatever you like from smoothies to vegetable purees.

Four inch stainless steel blades

This Vitamix model comes fitted with 4 laser cut hammermill and cutting blades fashioned out of stainless steel. These blades ensure you get a consistent mixture.

Vitamix 5300 accessories

As with any other appliance of its kind, the 5300 has a number of accessories you can use with it. This is in spite of it coming as a complete blender with the container and low profile tamper. The latter will help you push ingredients into the blender as you blend. Also, this blender is by default fitted with wet blades.
Therefore, if you plan on blending dry ingredients frequently an additional dry blade may come in handy. Nevertheless, the wet blades can handle the occasional blending of dry ingredients. All the same, buying additional dry blades will improve the efficiency of your blender.

How powerful is it?

With its powerful 2.2 Horsepower motor this blender will crush and blend virtually anything you throw at it. And that’s not all, it is also more powerful than most if not all of its counterparts and rivals. The blender comes with a voltage of 120 50/60 Hz and 11.5 Amps, pretty impressive for a home based blender.

If you plan on using the blender frequently then be assured that it will not let you down. Its impressive power makes it the ideal blender for people who blend vegetables, fruits and nuts to make smoothies and purees on a daily basis. Furthermore, the power of this blender means it can serve you both as a home blender and a commercial blender.

The color options

Color does not affect the performance of a blender. However, your color preference is not the same as
mine. Therefore, like many other blenders out there the 5300 comes in two main colors, black and red. The black colored version is preferred to its red colored sibling for its sleek design and professional look. However, there are those people who feel that a touch of red adds color to their kitchen. If you are such a person the 5300 with a red colored base might appeal to you. Color depends on your personal preference and on the overall outlook of your kitchen. Therefore, both colors are popular and add something different to the overall outlook of your kitchen.

The Vitamix 5300 review – what people are saying

From what you have read so far, it is clear that the Vitamix 5300 is a great blender. However, it is still important to know what people are saying about it. And with over 500 reviews on Amazon, a lot is being said about the Vitamix 5300. But is it all good? While there are some negative reviews online a majority of the blender’s users have nothing but praise for it. In fact, the blender has an impressive rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon. A look at some of the reviews reveals just how satisfied many of its users are. Therefore, it is fair to say that this blender is a consistent performer.

One of the things that users love about this blender is its pulse setting. The latter setting allows
you to adjust the blender’s speed and setting based on what kind of ingredients you are blending. Another thing that has attracted a lot of praise from reviewers is how flexible the blender is. With this blender, you can achieve different blends. Thus, whether you are making vegetable soup or crushing almonds to make, you can adjust the blender to your needs.

Many people, who are short on space like me, appreciate the design of the blender, in particular,
its low profile container. Unlike some of its siblings and predecessors, this blender is compact and does not take up a lot of space. According to some reviewers, this blender is quieter than many other blenders.

Needless to say, this is not the cheapest blender out there,but many users feel that its features, flexibility, and ease of use justify its price tag. In this regard, many feel that it is a worthwhile investment. This is especially because it lasts long and comes with a 7 year warranty. The fact that it performs better than other similarly priced models adds to its overall appeal.

Overall shipping dimensions and weight

The 5300 is a compact blender designed to fit under most kitchen cabinets. Its overall dimensions are
7.2 by 8.8 by 17.2 inches. On the other hand, it weighs 12 pounds. When you buy it online and have it delivered its overall shipping weight will be about 15.2 pounds.

How does it compare?

The Vitamix 5300 is a great blender, especially for home use. However, it is not the only blender
from Vitamix or on the market for that matter. There are many other blender options available from Vitamix. So how does the 5300 compare to some of its siblings and its rivals? Let’s find out.

The 5300 vs the 5200 model

At first glance, it is hard to differentiate the Vitamix 5300 from the 5200 model. However, these two
models are quite different despite them being at the same price range. Overall, both blenders embody the high quality performance that Vitamix blenders aresynonymous with. Nonetheless, the 5300 is the better of the two when it comes to power. It is fitted with a 2.2 Horsepower motor while the 520 model has a 2
Horsepower motor.

In regards to ease of use, the 5300 model is yet again the better of the two. Unlike the 5200 model
which has an on/off switch that you have to set manually, the 5300 model has an adjustable pulse setting. However, the 5200 models has more color options than the 5300.

The 5200 has a taller container, which means it might take up more space compared to the compact 5300 with its low profile container. Thus, when it comes to ease of storage the 5300 comes out on top. Bottom line, the 5300 is the better of the two.

Learn more about the 5200 here.

The 5300 vs the 6300

The Vitamix 6300 is pricier than the Vitamix 5300. However, the latter can more than hold its own against
its pricier sibling. For starters, the 5300 has a more powerful motor with a 2.2 Horsepower compared to the 6300’s 2 Horsepower. Additionally, the 5300 is more compact and easier to store than the 6300 model. The only thing that 6300 model has over the 5300 is the three pre-programmed settings that you can choose based on what you want from smoothies, hot soups to frozen desserts. If pre-sets and automatic controls are important to you, then the 6300 model will be more appealing. But if these things are not important to you and you are trying to cut back on you spending, the 5300 will appeal to you.

The 5300 vs the 6500

When you put the Vitamix 5300 and 6500 together it can be hard to differentiate them. This is
because they have almost the same features. This means they both feature the same low profile 64 ounce container and the same 2.2 Horsepower motor. The only difference between the two is that the 6500 model has three pre-programmed settings while the 5300 does not. Additionally, the 6500 model is relatively pricier compared to its counterpart. So is the 6500 better than the 5300 model? In my opinion no, since the 5300 is more affordable and has almost the same features as its pricier counterpart.

The 5300 vs the 750

When you compare the 5300 with the 750 model it is easy to declare the 750 the winner. This is
because it has a lot going for it. For starters, it has five pre-programmed settings, purees, smoothies, hot soup, and frozen desserts. Additionally, the 750 model also comes with automated cleaning feature. To crown it all off, this blender has a more powerful motor compared to the 5300. However, for all these
advanced features you will have to cough up a hefty amount of money. Therefore, unless you want a blender for commercial use only, then I advise sticking with the 5300 model. Although it lacks some of the hi-tech features of its counterparts it offers a better balance between price and performance.

The 5300 vs the 7500

Another next generation Vitamix blender with features similar to the 5300 model is the 7500 model.
However, the latter lacks all the advanced features of its Next generation counterpart, the 750. In this regard, it features the same 2.2 Horsepower motor as the 5300 and the same low profile container. The only difference between the 7500 and the 5300 is that the former is quieter than the latter. In summary,
the 7500 is just a quieter version of the 5300 model, which might not be worth its hefty price tag. Thus the 5300 is the better choice for home use.

The 5300 vs the 300

The Vitamix 300 is one of the blenders in Vitamix’s G-series of Next generation blenders. On the other hand, as I have already stated the Vitamix 5300 belongs to the C-series. And you would be forgiven for
thinking that the 300 model is way much better than its C-series counterpart. However, featuring the same four inch blades as the Vitamix 300, the 5300 is right up there with the best blenders Vitamix has to offer. And that’s not all; both blenders feature a 2.2 Horsepower motor and a low profile 64 ounce container.
Thus, if you thought the 5300 model was less of a blender compared to its Next gen counterpart, you thought wrong.

Naturally, since the 300 is a next generation blender, it comes with features not found in the 5300 model. To begin with, the Vitamix 300 is one of the quietest blenders on the market, which is huge plus. Nevertheless, it is important to note that the 300 model is quite pricey compared to the 5300.

Both models have the same 10 variable speed control, which you can control using a dial. In this regard, both models work really well. However, the 300 is quieter and has ultra-responsive controls.
Nevertheless, considering that the 300 model is quite pricey compared to the 5300 model, the latter is a better option for home use. This is in spite of the 300 model coming with a cook book and a DVD.

The 5300 vs the 6500

Another blender that has a striking resemblance to the 5300 model is the 6500 model. Both blenders are equipped with a 2.2 Horsepower motor capable of grinding the toughest of ingredients. Furthermore,
both come with the low profile 64 ounce container which is large enough to serve the whole family. Another thing that the two blenders have in common is the pulse feature, which comes in handy when you want to layer course textures over smooth recipes.

As with all other Vitamix blenders, the 6500 model differs from the 5300 model. The difference between the two is that the 5300 comes with a dial for controlling blend speed. On the other hand, the 6500 has
three pre-programmed settings, smoothies, hot soups, and frozen desserts. Bottom line, on paper the 6500 is better than the 5300. Though, it is important to note that the 5300 offers almost the same features as the 6500 model at a more affordable price tag.

The 5300 vs the s55

The S series of blenders differs greatly from the C-series. Therefore, the Vitamix 5300 is quite different from the Vitamix s55. For starters, the s55 has a 40 ounce container which is smaller compared to the
64 ounce container of the 5300 model. Moreover, the s 55 has a 20 ounce travel cup, which is not available with the 5300 model. However, the S 55 has a warranty of 5 years shorter than the 7 year warranty of the 5300. While the S 55 has more features and accessories, it is smaller in capacity and has a shorter warranty. Therefore, while both are great blenders if warranty and capacity are important to you, the 5300 is the better option.

The 5300 vs s50

Another S-series blender that can be compared with the 5300 is the s 50. Similar to the s 55, the s 50 has a 40 ounce container and a 20 ounce travel cup. The 5300 comes with a 64 ounce container and lacks a
travel cup. Nonetheless, it does make up for this with its adjustable speed settings. The 5300 has more speed settings compared to the two speed settings of the s50 model. Also, it has a larger capacity than the s50. All the same, the s50 is more compact and takes up less space. In summary, both models are great; however, the 5300 offers a better balance between compactness and capacity.

The 5300 vs the 500

The difference between the Vitamix 5300 and the Vitamix 500 is visible right from the get go. This is because the 5300 has a plain black finish while the 500 model has a metallic finish. However, both
blenders come with the manufacturer’s 7 year warranty. In regards to performance, the 500 model slightly edges out the 5300 model thanks to its slightly more powerful motor.

But when it comes to compactness, the Vitamix 5300 takes the day. The 500 model measures 20.5 inches in height, meaning it will not fit under most cabinets. Additionally, the 500 model is slightly more
expensive. The higher price tag is because of the added settings that come with the Vitamix 500. To put it in to perspective, the 500 model might be more powerful but it is less practical and more expensive than the 5300. As such, the 5300 slightly edges out its counterpart.

The Vitamix 5300 vs Blendtec

Vitamix and Blendtec are two of the most dominant players in the blender market. Thus, it is only fair to compare the Vitamix 5300 to some of its Blendtec rivals. When it comes to ease of use, Blendtec is
the better brand. This is thanks to the company’s patented smart-touch technology. With the latter technology, all you need to do is press a button and let the blender do the rest. Additionally, Blendtec is known for producing blenders that are more compact than Vitamix blenders. All the same, the Vitamix
5300 is designed to be compact and easy to use.

Vitamix 5300 vs the Blendtec 750

To say that the Vitamix 5300 and Blendtec 750 are different is understating it. These two rival blenders are different in every way from their design to their performance. On one hand, the Blendtec went for
a minimalistic hi-tech design with the 750 model. On the other hand, Vitamix went for a traditional yet sophisticated design with the 5300 model. Thanks to this difference, the Blendtec has an LCD timer display and a pre-programmed cycle. The Vitamix 5300 comes with a pulse setting and lacks the pre-programmed cycle of its rival.

Another difference in the overall appearance is that the Vitamix is available in red and black while the Blendtec is available in pomegranate colors. Needless to say, the Blendtec is more expensive. Thus, if
you want a blender that gets the job done without being overly sophisticated, the Vitamix 5300 is the one for you. Additionally, the fact that the Vitamix offers a cheaper refurbished option adds to the appeal of the 5300. Therefore, while the Blendtec is a more hi-tech blender, the 5300 is still a great blender for home use.

The Vitamix 5300 vs the Blendtec 625

The Blendtec 625 features the same 3 Horsepower
motor as the Blendtec 570. When compared to the 2.2 Horsepower motor of the
Vitamix 5300, the Blendtec is clearly more powerful. The 625 model also has a
more powerful range of speeds meaning it is capable of grinding tougher
ingredients than the 5300. In fact, the 5300 is capable of grinding coffee. So
does this mean the Blendtec 625 is the better blender? Well, it depends on what
you want. If you want to blend a wide variety of ingredients, then the Blendtec
is the right option. However, this is not to say that the Vitamix 5300 is a bad

The Vitamix 5300 vs the Blendtec Total Blender

The Blendtec Total Blender is a commercial grade blender. This blender has a lot to offer. But it does not have the compact design of the Vitamix 5300. Additionally, the Blendtec comes with a 2 quart square container.
One of the main differences between these two blenders is their controls. The Blendtec uses the hi-tech digital touch pad with pre-programmed cycles while the Vitamix uses a more traditional dial control. If you are not used to hi-tech blender controls, then sticking with the Vitamix might be a good idea.

In regards to power, the Blendtec 625 retains the 3 Horsepower of its other counterpart while the Vitamix has a 2.2 Horsepower. In summary, both are powerful compact blenders that are ideal for both commercial and domestic uses.

Vitamix 5300 vs Ninja

Ninja is yet another brand that competes with Vitamix for a share of the blender consumer market. Both brands offer a vast array of blender options to choose from. When it comes to price, Vitamix
blenders tend to be more expensive compared to Ninja blenders. The reason being that all Vitamix blenders are manufactured in the US. Therefore, Vitamix products also tend to be more long lasting.

Also, Ninja blenders struggle in blending vegetables such as carrots and kales. Also, Vitamix blenders produce smoother results compared to Ninja blenders. Another big disadvantage of Ninja blenders is that they are incapable of processing hot liquids. This is unlike Vitamix blenders, the 5300 model included, which are able to process hot soups and liquids. As such, if you want to do more with your blender, you would be best served by the Vitamix 5300 blender.

Vitamix 5300 vs Ninja Mega

In all honesty, the Ninja mega is a great blender and comes with everything you will need for your home blending needs. For starters, it has a large container with a 72 ounce capacity. And that’s not
all; as it also has a 64 ounce processor bowl and Nutri Ninja cups. Furthermore, it is able to blend and mix a wider variety of ingredients dough included. However, this is not to say it is all dark and gloomy for Vitamix 5300 users. While the Ninja Mega has more accessories and is able to blend more ingredients, it has a less powerful motor. Additionally, if you like making morning shakes, the noisy nature of the Ninja Mega might be a deal breaker. Users of this blender have complained of its motor being too loud. So while the Ninja Mega is undoubtedly one of the best blenders out there it is not without its flaws. As such, both blenders have their highs and their lows and it will depend on your preference. Also, the Vitamix 5300 makes up for its lack of accessories with its more powerful and quieter motor.

The Vitamix 5300 vs the Ninja 1500

Ninja opted for the same 72 ounce pitcher of the Mega model when making the Ninja 1500. As such, the Ninja 1500 is able to accommodate more than the Vitamix 5300. When it comes to speed settings, the
Vitamix has a wider variety of speed settings compared to the Ninja 1500’s three speed settings. Also, the 2.2 Horsepower motor of the Vitamix edges out the 2 Horsepower of the Ninja 1500 in regards to power.

In terms of diversity in range of uses, the Ninja 1500 is the better options thanks to its processing bowl and 16 ounce Ninja Nutri cups. But when it comes to warranty, the Vitamix 5300 cannot be compared
to its rival. The Ninja 1500 comes with a 1 year warranty which cannot be compared to the 7 year warranty you get when you buy the Vitamix 5300. Thus, in regards to warranty mixing and blending power, the Vitamix is incomparable to the Ninja 1500.

The black fleck issue

One of the negative remarks about the Vitamix 5300 related to black flecks that users noticed in most Vitamix blenders, the 5300 model included. These users complained of seeing black flecks in their smoothies or shakes after blending using Vitamix blenders. However, this problem was only encountered between 2014 and 2015. All Vitamix 5300 models sold today are free of these black flecks as the manufacturer corrected the problem.

Moreover, the black flecks were as a result of the bearing seal that is found in the bottom of the containers in all Vitamix blenders. This seal is made from polytetrafluoroethylene abbreviated as PTFE. The latter is a harmless substance as it is inert. Thus there is no need to worry about the black flecks appearing.

All the same, Vitamix recalled all the units that had this problem and fixed them. Also, if you buy a unit and find it has this problem Vitamix will be able to replace it for you quickly.

Best price for the Vitamix 5300

It is difficult to say which the best price is for the Vitamix 5300. This is because of the fact that on Amazon the price of this blender changes regularly. Contrastingly on the official Vitamix website, the price of the blender rarely changes. As such, you can find some good deals on Amazon (click here). In addition, the certified refurbished model will offer you the best value for your money.


From this article, it is clear that the Vitamix 5300 is one of the best if not the best blenders from Vitamix. And when compared to other blenders in the market the uniqueness of this blender becomes evident. As
such, it is a great blender for home use that can also be used as a commercial grade blender. And while it is not without its fair share of cons it is a great companion especially if you prefer blending wet things such as smoothies and soups. In conclusion, the Vitamix 5300 has a lot to offer in terms of functionality, durability, and affordability.

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