Are Blender Bottles Dishwasher Safe: Tips on How to Keep Your Blender Bottles Clean

Are Blender Bottles Dishwasher Safe

Blender bottles mark an improvement in how portable shakes and smoothies are made. While it does not have your usual motor and blade that a portable or bullet blender would have, it is still a safe and efficient way to create your favorite mixes on the go. However, one dares to ask, “Are blender bottles dishwasher safe?

This is one of several questions that are often asked when considering which kind of blender to buy. Normally, one would ask which one would be better, a single-serve unit or something that can mix up several batches in one. But the health-conscious individual of today would think more of how they can bring one along without having to worry about plugs and batteries.

The Basics of Blender Bottles

Blender bottles, regardless of the brand, basically consists of a plastic cup or bottle with a tightly fitting lid which contains a spiral surgical steel mixing ball. This attachment allows you to mix any beverage fully from protein shakes to smoothies and regular fruit juices.

Blender bottles are a great alternative to portable electric blenders since it does not require any electricity, all it needs is some vigorous shaking and a great need to have that shake ASAP. Of course, a disadvantage of using blender bottles instead of portable electric blenders is that it cannot fully extract nutrients and flavors from fruits and vegetables, and it would always leave some pulp.

Most blender bottle users bring this along to the gym so they can make their protein shakes right then and there, while some have this product around the house where they use to whisk eggs, make iced coffee and salad dressings, you can even mix up pancake batter if need be. A little more effort and you can make butter using a blender bottle but just imagine all the shaking you will need.

Steps in Using Blender Bottles Effectively

Blender bottles are multi-function, after some fashion, and although the way to use it seems to be pretty generic and very easy, there’s always this and that way that claims to make it more effective in blending wet and dry ingredients. Here is one way to go about it:

Step 1: Remove the lid of the blender bottle and set the lid aside.

Step 2: Drop the spiral mixing ball into the bottle.

Step 3: Add in your desired ingredients and wipe off any excess around the top and along the sides of the bottle.

Step 4: Put the lid back on and secure it tightly.

Step 5: Give the bottle a vigorous shake until you see an even consistency. Make sure that one hand is pressed on the lid to avoid spills.

Step 6: Look for any undissolved items at the bottom and shake it again until everything is mixed together.

Step 7: Enjoy your drink.

Words of Caution

Like most kitchen items, blender bottles have their limitations which do limit their versatility. Here are a few precautionary things to remember:

  • You cannot crush ice with the metal ball. It can break some ice after a vigorous shake but do not expect it to crush ice into smaller bits.
  • Blender bottles are not designed to handle warm or hot liquids as the lid is not designed to withstand high temperature.
  • Always secure the lid tightly and place a hand over it to avoid spills.
  • When shaking, point the lid away from your face to avoid any untoward accident.

Blender Bottle Cleanup

Cleanup is always the last task to be done, and arguably always the task that everybody hates, especially in the kitchen. And regardless of what you are washing, it is always a pain in the behind, and rare is the person who would feel happy doing it.

Caring for your blender bottle means cleaning it after every use, and not just when its comfortable. Here are a few easy steps that can make your life easy when cleaning blender bottles.

What you need:

  • Mild dishwashing soap
  • Soft, semi-abrasive sponge
  • Warm water

Step 1: Rinse out your blender bottle by removing the lid and placing some water inside, with the spiral mixing ball inside.

Step 2: Shake it for a bit and then throw the water out. Rinse the bottle again but just enough to remove any debris.

Step 3: Remove the spiral mixing ball and set it aside together with the lid.

Step 4: Using the soft sponge, gently scrub the exterior of the bottle and whatever you can reach inside. Do the same for the lid and the mixing ball.

Step 5: Dab some liquid soap on the sponge and repeat the previous step to wash what you can with the sponge fully.

Step 6: Do not forget the nooks and crannies around the neck of the bottle and the lid. Use a baby bottle cleaner if you have to.

Step 7: Pour some water in the blender bottle and add a few drops of the dishwashing soap. Place the lid and the mixing ball back and screw it tightly. Give it a ten-second shake.

Step 8: Leave for about a minute or two.

Step 9: Rinse thoroughly with warm water and run your finger inside and outside to test for any soapy residue.

Step 10: Wipe any excess liquid and let your blender bottle dry overnight.

Alternatively, you can also use some bottle cleaning tablets that are also used for infant and sports bottles. They should work about the same.

Steps in Removing the Smell in Blender Bottles

Majority of blender bottles are made with BPA-free plastic, and this material tends to absorb the scent of the food it mixes over time. This leads it to create a not-so-appetizing smell which can and will, affect how you appreciate your newly blended drink. But how do you remove the smell?

Step 1: Clean the blender bottle first, as you would if it did not stink.

Step 2: After soaping it, fill the blender bottle with warm water and then mix in about teaspoon of baking soda. Complete the mixture with a quarter bottle’s worth of vinegar and watch it foam.

Step 3: Let it sit for about ten minutes but make sure to roll the bottle every minute or so.

Step 4: Once the ten minutes is up, rinse the mixture out and clean the blender bottle as you would.

Step 5: Wipe excess water and let it dry overnight.

Are Blender Bottles Dishwasher Safe?

Going back to the question, “Are blender bottles dishwasher safe?” Yes, all parts of the blender bottle are dishwasher-safe and can be placed on the top rack. However, it would be much better if you cleaned it manually although this is more of a personal preference.

Blender bottles are slowly taking over the portable blender market because of its ability to replicate some of the tasks that an electric blender can do. Yes, it does not crush ice, and it may not create the perfect smoothie, but it can still make a pretty consistent protein shake and a very well-mixed pancake batter, so everybody wins.

Updated: August 3, 2018 — 11:53 am
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