Vitamix 6200 Vs 5200

A blender is an essential part of every household. You will need a blender for making drinks, smoothies, batters, baby food, frozen desserts, hot soups, sauces, or other dishes. It can spare you a lot hard work and at the same time, deliver a great output that could be savored by everybody, right from a toddler to the oldest person in the house.

Different people have different expectations from the blenders. A small family would prefer a compact blender while a large family would prefer a full-fledged version of the product. The other factors that influence the choice of the customer include ease of use, material of make, type of warranty and its duration, after-sales service, wattage, speed settings and maintenance cost. Then again, there are people who want a portable blender that can rest in their car. When it comes to blenders, one brand that needs to be talked about is Vitamix. It produces and sells blenders for households, restaurants, and many other commercial activities. Vitamix blenders are made to last, easy to use, and provide precise texture. Here is a comparative review of Vitamix 6200 vs 5200 for you. Both of these are meant for household use only.

Vitamix 6200
Weighing at about 11 pounds, it is a 20-inch tall blender that would take up some space in your kitchen. It uses 3-inch stainless steel blades that provide a smooth consistency in all your blends. These blades are laser-cut to precision making them quite sharp and accurate. This household blender comes with a 6 feet long chord. The 64-ounce jar would be sufficient to fulfil the needs of a large family. You can prepare medium to large batches by putting in the desired quantity of ingredients into the jar. However, you are always advised to leave a little space at the top to allow for bubbles and air. One of its most popular uses is for making peanut butter. You can get fresh, home-made butter that has a consistency that would beat products from the market.

It comes with three settings that would let you process ingredients to produce smoothies, soups and desserts. Other than the settings, there is a speed control button as well. This blender can handle both hot and cold ingredients with ease.

Vitamix 5200
This household blender comes in different versions. These include Deluxe, Super, Standard and Compact versions. Here are the details of each version.

This blender comes with three jars, with two of them of the same capacity. It is as tall as the 6200. It has a ten-speed dial that can help you control the texture. You can produce soups and smoothies of variable consistencies. It doesn’t take much time to blend ingredients thus making the process fast and effective. This blender is known to produce healthy foods by retaining the nutrition of the ingredients. The ingredients won’t get hot and won’t lose their nutritional value. It comes with the classic 64-ounce jar, a 32-ounce container and another same capacity dry grains container. You can produce flour and make dough in the blender. The ten-speed dial would allow you to produce flour of variable consistencies. Other things included in the package are: a DVD, two cookbooks, a guide, two tampers, a few cutting boards, a spatula set, and a motor-base.

This version has two jars against the three that come in the Deluxe version. It is available in four different colours. Design-wise, it too has the on-off button and a 10-speed dial. You can produce blends and flour of different consistencies and fine tune them to precision with the help of the speed dial. Its 64-ounce jar can produce medium to large batches. The package includes a 64-ounce container, a 32-ounce dry grains container, 2 cookbooks, 2 tampers, a DVD, a guide and a motor base. This blender also retains nutritional value of the ingredients. The size of the jars and other dimensions are same as in the Deluxe version.

It comes with a single standard 64-ounce jar, a cookbook, a DVD, a tamper, a guide and a motor-base. Rest of the specification are same as in the Super and Deluxe versions.

This is the smallest of the lot. It comes with a single small jar of capacity 48 ounces. The package includes a DVD, a cookbook and a getting started guide, a mini-tamper, and a motor-base. The maximum height of the product is about 17 inches and it would take less space in your kitchen.

The Vitamix 5200 and 6200 blenders come with a 7-year warranty. You are advised to register your product online or through correspondence as soon as you buy it. The warranty holds only if the product is used for household purposes. It covers any sort of repair that is required to mend manufacturing defects or any regular wear and tear of the machine. If the product can’t be repaired, the company would either give you a refund or replace it. The warranty also covers all the shipping charges incurred in sending and receiving the product.

This was the comparative review of vitamix 6200 vs 5200.

Vitamix Pro 300 Vs 750

When buying household items it is important to ensure they are the right fit for you. After the purchase, the item cannot be resold for the same price even if you have only used it for a few days. To avoid losses associated with buying the same item twice,you need the right information before making the purchase. Blenders are common items in households but besides their general use, the circumstances they are being used under matter too.

Vitamix blenders are some of the best in the market. However, they are different models. When you know what each of them presents, you will be able to choose the perfect model for you. They are not just meant for making smoothies. They have been designed at a professional grade to allow blending of whole-grains and foods in making alcoholic drinks, ice cream, soups, salsas etc.

The blenders have received a lot of positive reviews. You should get one of these if you want a blender that will serve you optimally for more than 5 years. Below is a detailed comparison of vitamix pro 300 vs 7500.

a) Power

Both blenders have a 2.2 horsepower motor. It is the most powerful of all the kitchen appliances made by vitamix. The horsepower level is an assurance that you will achieve whichever consistency you want. The motor can handle almonds and tough peanuts as well as soft fruits like apples and mangoes.

b) Design

The blenders feel and look the same as far as beauty and sleekness are involved. However, there are some minimal variations. Both of them are 7.7 inches wide and have a height of 17.4 inches. They weigh 12.5 lbs. It makes them very easy to transport around the house and even outside.

Pro 300 comes in a vibrant red ruby and onyx black color. Pro 750 has a stainless finish which is stylishly brushed. It also comes with a back light display. It fits perfectly in modern kitchens. That is why it is the preferred design by many buyers.

Each model has a plastic container that is shatter proof and BPA-free. The container mouth is wide allowing up to 64oz of liquid to be held there. The blades are stainless steel, large and durable. The high power ensures that they do not end up getting damaged by the items being processed. The blenders also have a thermal protection system and radial cooling fan. They are some of the features that make vitamix pro blenders stand out. Besides this, they are in G-series which allows them to fit well in standard cupboards in many kitchens.

c) Ease of use

The blenders are user friendly. Even a person who has never blended anything before can navigate the machine as long as he or she has a user manual. The products have ten different pulse controls and speed dial settings. The grip is soft and the handles are ergonomically designed to offer comfort and operational ease.

However, the vitamix pro 750 has additional 5 pre-programmed settings. They include self-clean, puree, soup, frozen dessert and smoothie. It is very convenient as you can prepare your meals and clean at the touch of a button. The settings allow you to continue preparation of other items while the blender does its work. In addition, there is no risk of things going wrong just because you were not present.

d) Price

Vitamix pro 300 goes for $649. It is a worth investment because it is a tool that can do half of the chores you ought to carry out in the kitchen. You can control blade speed and run time duration for the blender to get consistent results from your initial blending every time.

You will need an additional $100 to get the vitamix pro 750 at $749. You can get vitamix pro 300 if your budget is tight. It will do all the work the pro 750 can. The only thing you will not have access to are the previously programmed settings. However, it is far much better compared to other brands in the market. Both of the products come with a 7-year warranty


After making a comparison of vitamix pro 300 vs 7500, it is evident that the blenders have few pronounced differences but many similarities. If you want to go overboard in your choices, vitamix pro 750 is your best fit. It is more self-sufficient and the assistance it offers in meal preparation cannot be ignored. People who run food production or catering services should opt for this.

However, for those who just want a reliable blender, vitamix pro 300 will do the work. The better part is that you will be able to choose the color of your blender. It is more suitable to average households as long as preparation of complicated meals and smoothies is not in the picture.

Vitamix 3600 Vs 5200

Blenders are must-haves in every kitchen. They open up a world of possibilities when it comes to food preparation and make a lot of things easier to do. Having them around means that you don’t need to purchase certain processed foods in the grocery as you can make your own. For instance, you can go and create your own nut butters and baby food. The family can east healthier because your creations are fresh and free from harmful preservatives. But so many blenders out there are just not up to the task. They often break down too quickly of produce mediocre results. If you want a great blender, go for a Vitamix.

Vitamix 3600 vs 5200

These two models have been released by Vitamix a long time ago but they are still in high demand today because of their proven performance. For instance, the 3600 is a model that was originally launched by the company way back in 1969. It is effectively older than most shoppers today yet its reputation is such that many seek it out. The company is offering parts for its legacy products allowing older models to be reconditioned and sold to loyal fans. This high-powered blender is known to do everything from making hot soups to grinding seeds into powder.

The 5200 is another Vitamix bestseller. It belongs to the legendary C-series that includes the TurboBlend VS, the Creations II, the Pro 200, and the CIA Pro. It does not feature any presets unlike the more advanced models like the 6300 and the Pro 500 but this is not a big deal for many. People who aren’t averse to the full manual mode can pick this up and be very happy with its performance. It is incredibly versatile and churns out excellent performance every time. The G-series which came after this is considered to have a more advanced design but the 5200 can still hold its own.


In this age where electronic devices seem to become obsolete within a year a forgotten, it is amazing to see things like the Vitamix 3600 being so cherished despite an age that spans several decades. The design language certainly takes one back to the 60s. It is not as sleek or as light as the blenders of today. Instead of the usual black plastic bottom and clear plastic top of the 5200, this one is covered in metal all over. Stainless steel was the material of choice back then and it seems to be a good one because there are no visible rust or major cosmetic issues until now. Only the knob, handle, and top are made of plastic.


The 3600 was definitely designed with the family in mind. The steel container can hold as much as 72 ounces of materials. That’s an equivalent of 2.13 liters for those who work in the metric scale. This means that it can serve several glasses of juice or bowls of soup on a typical weekend. Moms won’t have to make repeat batches for the little ones which saves them time and effort. The 5200, on the other hand, comes close at 64 ounces which is the biggest capacity available for the more modern Vitamix models. This is not bad in any way but a little smaller than its predecessor.


Both are equipped with powerful motors that peak at 2 hp. This means that the blades can spin at incredible speeds to chop up solid food and blends everything in the container. According to the spec sheet of the 5200, its blades can spin up to a blinding 240 mph. This would explain why the machine is so effective in its intended purpose. Of course, this speed can be adjusted using the control knob. The good thing about having such as powerful engine is that you can be confident that it can handle whatever you throw at it, unlike so many cheap blenders that stop and stutter when faced with harder food items.


The Vitamix 5200 uses the standard 3-inch blade which is made out of stainless steel hammermill. This blade is precision cut with laser for the sharpest edges. It can slice through anything from soft fruits to hard nuts with as much ease. It should last for many years without getting dull. When it’s time for a replacement, just call the company to get the necessary part. Unfortunately, blades for the 3600 are much harder to come by because of their age.

No Presets

There is no difference when it comes to presets between the Vitamix 3600 vs 5200. Both do not have any pre-programmed settings so you will have to manually adjust the controls to get your desired output. Simply turn the knob to the speed level you want until the right consistency is achieved.

Vita Prep 3 vs Vitamix 5200

Are you looking for a high performance blender? Then you should consider getting either the Vita Prep 3 or Vitamix 5200. But the question still remains, how will you know which one between the two is the right blender for you? To answer this question, we will pit Vita Prep 3 vs Vitamix 5200, therefore, helping you choose between these two blenders.

Why consider any one of these two blenders?

You probably know that not all blenders are the same. In other words, not all of them can do a good job blending your ingredients, but the Vitamix Prep 3 and the Vitamix 5200 standout. Choosing between these two blenders depends on where you will be using it. What we mean by this is, consider whether you will be using it in your home kitchen or professional kitchen. If you need a blender to use in your home kitchen, then go for the Vitamix 5200. But if you need one for your professional kitchen, then the Vitamix Prep 3 is what you need. Let us start by describing the important features of Vita Prep 3.

1. It can endure a professional kitchen’s demands

The Vita Prep 3 can endure all that is thrown at it in a professional kitchen. The reason why it can do this is because it has a motor with a peak output of 3 horsepower. With such a powerful motor, the Vita Prep 3 can easily blend ingredients such as tough vegetables, whole foods, and ice among others. Also, this powerful motor makes it possible for you to puree, blend, chop, and grind ingredient without much hustle. This motor also has a powerful and very efficient cooling system. This cooling system allows it to run for an extended period without the risk of it overheating.

The Vitamix 5200, on the other hand, comes with a 2 peak horsepower motor. This motor is built in Sweden and is capable of spinning the blender’s blades at revolutions of up to 37,000 per minute. For cooling, this blender uses a radial cooling fan. This cooling fan is complemented by a thermal protection system. The radial fan and thermal protection system work together making sure the motor does not overheat and burn out.

2. Simple and easy to use switches and controls

The Vita Prep 3 has a simple and easy to use control panel. This panel has an accelerator toggle on the right side that you can use to control the speed of the blender, therefore, ensuring that you only get the right texture for your ingredients. At the middle there is a manually operated dial. This dial is used to manually change the speed of the blender between 1 and 10. On the left, there is an on/off toggle.

The control panel of the Vitamix 5200 is similar to that of the Prep 3, with the same switches and knobs.

3. Specifications

The Vitamix 5200 comes with a 64 oz container. When the container is sitting on top of the motor base, the blender stands 20.5″ tall. The base measures 8.75″ deep by 7.25″ wide. The whole blender weighs only 10.5625 lbs. It also comes with a 6 feet long 3-pronged power cord. The power cord is stored beneath the motor base allowing you to only pull out and use the length that you need. This blender is available in five colors; brushed stainless, platinum, white, black, and red.

The Vitamix Prep 3 also comes with a 64 oz container. It stands 20.3″ tall when the container is sitting on top of the motor base. Its base measures 8″ wide by 9″ deep. The Vita Prep 3 weighs only 13.8 lbs. The blender comes with 2 feet long 3-pronged power cord. It also has a tamper tool. This tool is used to push ingredients down to the blade eliminating the need of your hand coming into contact with the blade. Also, you will receive a 54-page recipe book when you purchase the Vita Prep 3. This book contains recipes together with methods and variations that you can use when preparing several menu items. This cookbook is ideal for someone who runs a catering business or owns a restaurant.

How the two models compare

The Vita Prep 3 is more powerful than the 5200. This is because; the Prep 3 has a peak output of 3 horsepower, while the 5200 has 2 horsepower. Both the Prep 3 and 5200 have a cooling system that also has a thermal protection system. The only difference is that the Prep 3’s system is more powerful. This is because it comes with an advanced cooling fan that is designed to effectively cool its powerful motor. After pitting Vita Prep 3 vs Vitamix 5200, we conclude that the former is more powerful than the later.

Vitamix 200 vs 500

You can never go wrong with a Vitamix blender. The machines are long lasting and powerful enough to blend tough ingredients like frozen fruit, ice cubes and carrots—quickly and with minimal effort. Enthusiasts, however, get confused when making a choice between different models. A review of Vitamix 200 vs 500 should make it easier to pick a perfect match.

If you are looking for other choices, be sure to look at our best blender guide here.

Similarities between Vitamix 200 and 500

The blenders have a lot in common. Both come with recipe books that feature over 200 or more recipes. You’ll also get DVD with Michael Symon that comes with bonus recipes. Additionally, container dimensions are similar and both are brushed stainless steel color.


The most distinct feature in both is a tamper, an important device found in all Vitamix blenders that serve two purposes. First, it allows for easy blending of both frozen and whole ingredients by allowing users to physically push the tamper into the blade saving a lot of time. Secondly, the device prevents formulations of pockets of air while blending. This means that you won’t have to switch the device off to manually remove the air. Only Vitamix blenders have this distinctive feature.


Both blenders come with a warranty of seven years that covers the parts, how it performs and labor. When the blender breaks down, Vitamix will repair it in 30 days. If they can’t fix it, you will be given a new machine or a refund. The manufacturer will further cover shipping if you decide that the blender you’ve chosen doesn’t meet your expectations.

Differences between Vitamix 200 and 500

Despite the numerous similarities, there are a couple of differences between the two. A comparison of Vitamix 200 vs 500 shows that the newer versions have additional features that cause them to functions a bit differently.

Pre- program settings

Vitamix 200 has a manual speed control button that’s easy to use. If you prefer pre-programmed cycles, you can purchase Vitamix 500 which has three pre-programmed settings that provide consistent results for blending cycles of Hot Soup, Frozen Dessert and Hot Soup recipes. With pre-programmed settings, you can start the blenders and leave it processing your food as you attend to other chores. For manual speed control, you use manual settings that begin on low speed, and you have to slide your finger to increase it to the preferred pace. If you need assistance pushing the mixture into the blades, you could use the tamper. After achieving intended results, push the start/stop setting.

Pulse control

Vitamix 200 has no pulse control while Vitamix 500 has pulse control. With this feature, you will be able to produce smooth blends of thick vegetable soups or chunky salsas. The main difference between how the two models work is that when you push the pulse knob of the Vitamix 500 blender, the machine will perform at the fastest speed. It will only stop when you let go of the button. For instance, if you’d like to chop vegetables, but you don’t want to mash them, the pulse control will come in handy. You can simply start pulsing then stop when the veggies get to the consistency that you want. You can also use the pulse function when blending frozen foods to soften them. This additional feature gives you more control over the process of blending or chopping since you can decide when to stop. Timing makes a huge difference in the final result. Although the pulse isn’t a main feature in all blenders, it is a wonderful option. If you prefer the convenience of new technology and the luxury that pre-programmed settings will accord you, Vitamix 500 is a good fit for you.


Since both devices have a longer life span than the average blender—of around 10 years—they tend to cost more. However, there is a difference in pricing of the two. Vitamix Pro 200 costs $448.95 while Vitamix Pro 500 costs $598.95.This is because Pro 500 has additional features like pre-programmed settings and pulse control. If cost is a major issue for you, you might want to purchase Vitamix Pro 200 which equally performs well when chopping—it liquefies, grinds and mixes in seconds.


The Vitamix model that you choose depends on what you want to get out of it. If you like the convenience of allowing food to blend as you relax, Vitamix 500 will be a good fit. The pre-set and pulse control will make your experience stress free and more enjoyable. If you are more hands on, then purchase Vitamix 200.

Vitamix Professional Series 500 Vs 6300

Blenders are versatile tools in the kitchen. They can be used to create a wide variety of food from smoothies to soups. While there are lots of options on the market, finding a good one can be a challenge. The cheap ones can be good for easy tasks such as mixing soft items together like liquids and powders. They tend to show their weakness when faced with tougher things like ice and nuts. Even fruits don’t always end up as smooth as they should be. Vitamix blenders, however, have always been seen as a cut above the rest.

Vitamix Professional Series 500 vs 6300

Two of the products in their legacy lineup are the Pro Series 500 and the 6300. These are both from the highly respected C-Series which is considered as being solidly in the mid-tier of their catalog. They are more advanced than the entry-level S-Series and a step behind the G-Series. They are also both in possession of the presets feature with 3 to be exact. These models have been out for a while so it can be hard to find brand new pieces. Sometimes they are available as refurbished sets which are just as good as new with excellent warranty and lower price.

Design and Dimensions

These two models look very much alike. One might think that they are exactly the same thing at first glance but there are subtle differences upon closer inspection. The dimensions are definitely identical with 20.5 inches in height, 8.75 inches in width, and 7.25 inches in depth. Their bases have the same retro styling with two switches on the left and right and a dial in the middle. Both are black but the Pro 500 has a more subdued matte finish while the 6300 is more glossy and thus prone to scratch marks. The cooling vents in the 500 are also more pronounced at the sides.


When it comes to carrying capacity, these models are also on equal footing. They use 64-ounce containers which is roughly 1.8 liters. This is large enough to process a large batch of smoothies, purees, dressings, sauces, soups, baby food, and so on. Owners can prepare for the week in advance and simply place the rest in the refrigerator. Grab and go as necessary. This should also be enough to serve the entire family in a single batch which reduces prep time and effort.


The motors on the Professional Series 500 and the Vitamix 6300 both peak at 2hp. This is much higher than what generic blenders can generate. The cheap ones only reach up to 350 watts or an equivalent of 0.47 hp — none even a quarter of the power of these two models. These Vitamix blenders can be used even in professional environments as they are able to produce excellent results. Even notoriously tough food will come out fine and smooth.


Their blades are made of laser-cut stainless steel hammermill as well as cutting blades that are 3 inches in diameter to promote consistency of output. These will not get dull easily so owners can use them every day for years without a drop in performance. Stainless steel will not corrode despite repeated exposure to liquids, as you would expect from an appliance that deals directly with food. Laser cutting precision means that the blades are extra sharp with no weak points.

Pre-programmed Settings

The thing that sets these models apart from many of Vitamix’s other products is that they are equipped with pre-programmed settings. This means that certain tasks can be automated so users don’t have to monitor the process throughout. They can set it and forget it while the blenders take care of everything. They can use the precious minutes to do other food prep tasks around the kitchen for a more efficient work flow. The settings don’t deprive users of control. They can always go back to manual settings if they wish to fine-tune their mixes.

Nut Butter

One thing that is listed differently in their feature sets is that the 6300 is optimized for the creation of nut butter. If you would like to make your own spreads, then this is the way to go. Just buy raw peanuts or almond from the store and process them in the blender. This way you can control everything that goes into your spread. No excess sugar if you don’t want it. It may be possible to do the same on the Pro 500 but the results may vary.


A comparison of the Vitamix Professional Series 500 vs 6300 shows that they are very much alike which is to be expected given their positioning in the Vitamix line. Both come from the C-series, have similar styling, and provide admirable performance.

Vitamix Professional Series 500 vs 750

Vitamix blenders are ubiquitous in modern kitchens, in both homes and restaurants, because of their high quality and dependability compared to other blenders available in the market. There are many models of Vitamix blenders available and choosing one can be a bit confusing if you do not understand the differences between them. The Vitamix 500 and Vitamix 750 are both very efficient blenders from the professional series of Vitamix blenders. They have a lot of things in common but the 750 has a few extra features that make it easier to use. Because of this, it costs a few dollars more than the 500.

Similarities between the 750 And 500

Both blenders come with a 7-year full warranty that covers parts, two-way shipping, labor, and performance. You can have the warranty period extended by 3 years by paying some extra cash. They both have 64-ounce containers which are perfect for processing large batches for your family or if you are entertaining. They are made of BPA-free plastic and are shatter-proof, making them very durable. The lids of the containers have a removable center plug through which you can add ingredients while the blender is running.

The two blenders have 10 variable speed controls which make them capable of achieving the exact consistency you wish to achieve. Both blenders have the pulse feature which is good for making thick soups and other chunky mixtures. As with all other vitamix blenders, they come with a complimentary cookbook and getting started DVD to show you how to use the blender. You will also get a tamper which is very useful when processing very thick mixtures. The motors of the blender have a thermal protection feature and radial cooling fans to prevent overheating even when the blender is running at very high settings.

Differences between the 750 and 500

Vitamix 750 is a Next Gen (G-Series) blender and goes for $599.95 while Vitamix 500 is a Classic (C-Series) blender and goes for $559.95.The price difference is not so huge and price is therefore not usually a major factor when choosing between vitamix professional series 500 vs 750. The Vitamix site also sells refurbished blenders which are guaranteed to be as good as new. In fact, you will not be able to tell the difference between a refurbished blender and a brand new one. The refurbished blenders are more than $100 cheaper than brand new ones and they come with a 5-year warranty. They go out of stock very fast and you therefore have to be patient when shopping for a reconditioned blender.

While both containers have a 64-oz capacity, the 750 container is low-profile while the 500 container is classic. The classic container is about three inches taller than the low-profile one and this makes it impossible to fit under standard kitchen cabinets. The low-profile container is also wider, making the blending process more efficient. The 750 container has 4-inch stainless steel blades while the 500 container has 3-inch blades. Again, this makes the 750 more efficient than the 500.

The Vitamix 750 is also more powerful than the 500 as it has a 2.2 horsepower motor compared to the 500 which has a 2.0 horsepower motor. Despite the higher power, the 750 is quieter than the 500 because of the special motor base in which the motor is housed. The motor bases of the two blenders are made of plastic but have a brushed stainless steel finish giving them a very classy look.

Both blenders have preprogrammed controls which makes them perfect for use in a busy kitchen. The 750 has 5 preset controls while the 500 has 3 preset controls. The preprogrammed controls make it possible for the user to preset the blender and then go on with other activities such as doing the dishes or anything else. The blender will automatically adjust the speed and go off when you desired consistency is achieved.


Choosing between the vitamix professional series 500 vs 750 need not be difficult at all if you know exactly what you need in a blender. If you have a not-so-busy kitchen that is spacious, Vitamix 500 should work just fine for you. But for a few extra dollars, you can get all the amazing additional features of the Vitamix 750. Shopping from the Vitamix site may be better than shopping from other retail sites because you can take advantage of various coupon codes that they give customers every once in a while and other great deals. You will also have the option of buying refurbished blenders which are much cheaper than brand new ones.

Vitamix Professional Series 200 vs 5200

Vitamix manufactures some of the most popular and used blenders on the market today. Among them are the high-performance Vitamix 5200 and the 200 models. Both of these blenders use powerful motors that make them some of the best heavy duty blenders available today. Both the 5200 and the 200 models are commercial-grade blenders that come in a household package. This article will pit the Vitamix 5200 vs 200, helping you choose the one that is best for you.


The first area we will look at when comparing these two blenders is their individual specifications. We will start with the Vitamix 5200. This blender’s base measures 7.25″ in width and 8.75″ in depth. When its 64 oz container is sitting on top of the motor base, the blender stands 20.5″ tall. The weight of the 5200 is 10.6 lbs, meaning it is light enough for you to move from one kitchen surface to another without much hustle. It comes with a power cord that is 6 feet long. It has a 3-pronged power cable that you can wind and store under the motor base, which means that you can use the length of cord that you need at the moment. This blender is available in platinum, red, white, black, and brushed stainless colors. Also, there are five configurations of this blender that you can choose from. These configurations are compact container, deluxe, super, and standard. Though each of these configurations is slightly different from the other, all of them come with a Let’s Get Started DVD, a Getting Started guide, a tamper, and a Whole Food Recipes cookbook.

The Vitamix Professional Series 200 is also 20.5″ tall with the pitcher in place. Its depth measures 8.75″ and its width is 7.25″. It only weighs 10.9 lb, which is slightly heavier than the 5200 by only 0.3 lbs. Similar to the 5200; it also has a 6 feet long 3-pronged power cord. The cord can be wound-up and stored under the base of the motor allowing you to use a length that you need. Its container measures 13.4″ in height and has a capacity of 64 oz. When you purchase this blender, you will also receive a recipe book that contains over 300 restaurant-quality recipes, a tamper, and a Getting Started guide.

Pitcher (Container)

Every variant of the Vitamix 5200 uses an Eastman Tritan™ copolyester pitcher that is BPA-free. The container is designed in a way that reduces noises emanating from the blending process. This container sits on a square rubber pad that helps in dampening any vibration resulting from the operation of the blender and also cushions the container. The lid of this container features a lid plug that is removable and that helps prevent spillages when you open the lid to add ingredients when the blender is running. Also, the container comes with an ergonomically designed handle with a soft grip for easy pouring.

The Vitamix Professional Series 200 container is also similar to that of the 5200. It measures 13.4″ in height and has a capacity of 64-ounce. The container itself is an Eastman Tritan™ copolyester container that is BPA-free. It has an ergonomically designed soft-grip handle that is meant to make pouring comfortable and easy. Apart from that, this container has a spill-proof vented lid. The lid has a plug that prevents spillages that usually happen when you open the lid trying to add ingredients while the blender is in operation.


The Vitamix 5200 uses a Swedish-built 2.0 horsepower motor. This motor is capable of spinning the blades at revolutions of up to 37,000 per minute. At such speeds, the motor tends to overheat that is why the 5200 is fitted with a radial cooling fan. This cooling fan together with the Vitamix thermal protection system efficiently cools the motor, ensuring that it does not overheat or burnout because of running for extended periods.

The motor of the Vitamix 200 is also similar to that of the 5200. This blender uses a 2.0 hp motor. Similar to the 5200, the 200 also has a thermal protection system and a radial cooling fan to cool its motor that can spin the blades at 37,000 revolutions per minute when operating at maximum speed.


The Vitamix 5200 features a simple control panel that has a speed toggle on the right, a manual speed dial in the middle that controls the variable speed of the blender, and an on/off switch on the left. It does not have certain features such as pre-programmed settings or a touchpad like some other blenders. The switches are made of durable soft-touch rubber that makes the buttons comfortable to the finger and also long-lasting.

The Vitamix Professional Series 200’s control panel is also the same as that of the 5200. It has three control buttons. One button is for choosing either speed or variable, another one for choosing variable speed, and the third one for switching on or off the blender.


The Vitamix 5200 and the 200 share the same features with no clear difference. Therefore, after pitting the Vitamix 5200 vs 200, we conclude that you can purchase any one of them because they share the same features.

Vitamix CIA Vs 750 – Choosing Between The Two

Vitamix is known for its consistent high-quality products and has been in business for several years now. The company is constantly improving the models available and producing even more advanced models with better features. As with all electronics, the later models are costlier than earlier models. Many customers find themselves torn between the choice to spend more for a later model or spend less for a model that is not so new. It is important to consider the features of the blenders and compare them to see whether the later models are worth the few extra bucks.

Choosing between Vitamix CIA vs 750 need not be complicated at all. Vitamix CIA is a very versatile blender that belongs to the C-Series (Classic) line of Vitamix blenders while Vitamix 750 belongs to the G-Series (Next Gen) line of Vitamix blenders. They are both very powerful top-of-the-line blenders and both come with a 7-year full warranty.When you purchase the blenders from the Vitamix website, you get a complimentary cookbook with many great recipes to try out at home, and a getting started DVD explaining how to use the blenders and take advantage of the different features to get maximum benefits from the blenders. Below is a detailed comparison of the Vitamix CIA and the Vitamix 750.


The Vitamix CIA container is 20.5 inches tall, 7.25 inches wide and 8.75 inches deep while the Vitamix 750 container is 17.4 inches tall, 9.4 inches deep and 7.7 inches wide. The Vitamix 750 container is therefore easier to store under most kitchen cabinets. It is also more efficient because it is wider. They both have a capacity for 64 ounces of ingredients and are BPA-free and easy to handle. The lids of both containers have a removable center plug that makes it possible to add ingredients while the blender is running. The lid of the 750 container is spill-proof and shutter-proof and this is a big plus for the 750. Both containers have tampers to enable you to push ingredients towards the blades while blending and thus prevent formation of air pockets above the blades. The 750 is however more powerful than the CIA and therefore, you might not need to use the tamper often with the 750.

Motor Base

The 750 motor base is only available in brushed stainless finish while the CIA motor base in available in onyx, brushed stainless, ruby and platinum. The 750 has a 2.2 horsepower motor, which is the highest for household equipment. The CIA on the other hand has a 2.0 horsepower motor. Despite the fact that the 750 is more powerful than the CIA, it is about 40% quieter than the CIA. This is because its motor is housed in a special motor base with a noise dampening effect. The 750’s maximum speed is 270 miles per hour while the CIA’s maximum speed is 240 miles per hour. Both motors have radial cooling fans and thermal protection systems to prevent them from overheating while running at very high speeds. The thermal protection system makes the blender go off before it overheats and burns the motor. The Vitamix 750 weighs about 2 lbs. more than the CIA because of the more powerful motor.


Both blenders have variable speed controls making it possible to achieve any blending consistency you desire. The 750 has 5 preprogrammed settings; smoothies, frozen desserts, soups, purees and self-clean. This makes it perfect for use in a busy kitchen where you have many other things to take care of. It also has the pulse feature which the CIA does not have. The CIA is also capable of self-cleaning, just add a drop of dish soap and some water and set the blender to the high.

The Vitamix website retails the Vitamix 750 at $599.95 and the Vitamix CIA at $498.95. It is possible to buy reconditioned 750 blenders from the site. These are usually much cheaper but almost as good as new. You can save more than $150 by buying reconditioned 750 blenders instead of buying brand new ones.


The choice between vitamix CIA vs 750 is not a very difficult one as the two have many differences. Therefore, if you know exactly what you need in a blender and how much you are willing to spend on it, choosing between these two blenders should be very easy. You can get free shipping and other discounts from the Vitamix site and other sites by using certain promotion codes that they have from time to time. The 7-year warranty and the fact that Vitamix has been in business for ages and is known for their consistent good products assures you of the quality of the products.

Vitamix CIA Professional Series Vs 5200

There are a number of products under the Vitamix brand. Among them are the Vitamix CIA Professional Series and the Vitamix 5200. With that said, it may be confusing to some people when it comes to telling the difference between these two Vitamix models. This is because they share many similarities but a few differences. Another issue that might bring confusion is the fact that Vitamix uses new model names for specific retailers. These models may come with extras such as different color options, or a different recipe book. Though these differences exist, some features such as the actual blender are the same as those of other previous models. For instance, the Vitamix 5200 is the same as the CIA Professional with only the names being different.

So if you want to tell the difference between these two Vitamix models, what are the things that you need to know? We will look at the speed settings and type of motor to make a Vitamix CIA Professional Series vs 5200 comparison.

Speed Settings

There are three types of control panels on different models of Vitamix blenders. These panels are the simple two-speed setting, the variable speed control panel, and the manual dial for variable speed control panel. The two-speed control panel is available in some models such as the CIA Creations and the Turboblend Two Speed. It is a very simple panel and has only two switches. One switch is the high/low toggle, and the other is the on/off toggle.

The variable speed control panel is found in most models such as the Creation Elite, Pro Series 300, Vitamix 7500, Creations GC, Creations II, Turboblend VS, Pro Series 200, and the Vitamix 5200. This control panel has a switch that you can use to swap between using high-speed and variable speed and an on/off switch. Also, it has a manual dial that allows you to adjust the variable speed from 1 to 10.

The other control panel available in Vitamix models as mentioned earlier is the one that features pre-programmed presets and a manual dial for variable speeds. The pre-programmed presets are used to execute routines, therefore, allowing you to do other things as the blender does everything by itself. This panel is found on the Vitamix Pro Series 750, Pro Series 500, and 6300.

Type of Motor

There are two types of motors that Vitamix blenders use. These motors are the 1,380 watts, 2.0 peak horsepower motor, and the 2.2 peak horsepower motor. The 1,380 watt, 2.0 hp motor was designed and manufactured in Sweden and was mostly used in previous models of Vitamix blenders. The cooling system of this motor was superior that is why its performance was impressive. Though a next generation motor was introduced by Vitamix, this 2.0 hp motor is still currently being used in most Vitamix blenders and is often referred to as the standard motor. The Vitamix CIA Professional Series and the Vitamix 5200 both use this motor.

The other type of motor used in Vitamix blenders, as mentioned earlier, is the 2.2 peak horsepower motor. The horsepower of this motor was improved from 2.0 hp to 2.2 hp to accommodate the wider container and longer blades that new models have. Though this motor has been designed to make blending easier in blenders with wider containers, most people complain that the size of the container makes it harder to blend small amounts of ingredients. For it to blend perfectly, it is recommended that 3+ cups of ingredients should be blended. Among the advantages of this new motor is it is quieter than the previous motor. In fact, the manufacturer claims that it produces 40% less noise than its predecessor. The cooling system of this motor is also improved and cools even more efficiently than the previous motor’s.

Another difference between the Vitamix 5200 and the CIA Professional Series is the former comes in more variations than the later. For instance, the 5200S comes with a cookbook, and the Super 5200 comes with a whole grains recipe book and a 32oz dry grains container. The Deluxe 5200 comes with three spatulas, four cutting boards, a 32oz wet-blade container, a whole grains recipe book, and a 32oz dry grains container, while the 5200 with Compact Container is supplied with a 48oz container.

When shopping for a Vitamix blender, you will realize that it has a number as part of its name, for example, Vitamix 1710 Professional Series 500. This number is not a model, but it only refers to the color of the blender. So, the number 1710 is used to identify that the color of the blender is stainless-steel. Therefore, this should not confuse you when shopping for a Vitamix blender.


There are many similarities between the Vitamix CIA Professional Series and the 5200. Both of them use the same type of motor and the size of their containers are also the same. The only notable difference in Vitamix CIA Professional Series vs 5200 is on the control panel.