Ninja Professional Blender Nutri Ninja Cups BL660 Review

The Ninja Professional Blender is a name popular in nearly every household and our choice for the best blender for smoothies under $100. Here is a Ninja Professional Blender & Nutri Ninja Cups (BL660) review for you. and it is actually one of our top choices overall as well.

It is a blender powered by an 1100-watt motor that can turn ice into snow without much effort. And the process does not take more than a few seconds. The blender can be used for making smoothies and shakes and anything between them. It is a full-fledged blender that is about 17 inches tall and is about 10 pounds in weight. It will certainly take some space to fit in your kitchen. The best thing is that it comes with a single serve jar as well. This jar is easier to wash because of its size and it would hardly waste more than a few drops of juice that sticks on its walls. The single serve jar has fewer blades than the main jar but it still crushes the ice nearly equally efficiently. The jars and containers are made of durable and quality plastic.

The blender is pretty easy to use but if you are a first time user, you will need to understand how it works. The blender won’t work unless the lid is properly closed. The lid of the jar has a handle which rolls flat on its surface. The blender has separate buttons for different types of blending. There is a single serve button which you need to use only when you are using the single serve jar. The blades on the single serve jar fits from the top, that is, from the lid side. It fits perfectly the sides perfectly and does not allow for any kind of leakage. When you remove the lid after blending, you can drink the juice right from the jar itself. Other than the main jar which is of 72 oz, the two other containers are of 16 oz each. However, you should not fill the main jar to the brim. You should leave some space between the lid and the contents to allow for air and bubbles.

Since the blades are pretty sharp, you should be careful when touching them. If you want to thoroughly clean the jar, you can dismantle the spindle and the blades in a few easy steps. Putting them back is again equally easy. You can use regular dishwasher to clean the jars after use. Most of the buyers of this product have become lifelong fans of it. If you are looking for a heavy-duty blender that fulfils all your blending needs, then this product is for you. It is fast, efficient and worth the money. You can blend right from hard stuff like frozen ice to soft stuff like green leafy vegetables. Once you use it, you won’t be able to live without it. That’s how good it is.

Most of the owners have given positive feedback to the product. Now you can serve smoothies, juices and shakes like a pro. How about getting your Ninja Professional Blender today?

Best Blender Under 300 – Blendtec TB-621-25 Total Blender Review

Perhaps no Blendtec TB-621-25 Total Blender review has yet said enough of the product’s power and the difference it has made in the blending world – all for under $300. Fast and efficient, the appliance is the perfect companion for anyone desiring to fulfill the toughest blending tasks easily. Whether you are preparing fresh juice, soups, baby food or dressings, Blendtec has provided you with a kitchen appliance that is worthy of every penny spent on acquiring it. In fact, it holds the combined power and efficiency of several of the other appliances found in the kitchen.


The first thing you will notice when you buy the Blendtec TB-621-25 Total Blender is its ability to take in anything and produce perfect results. It has a place for everything, from dough to juice to soups. Coming with 3HP motor using as much as 1560 watts, no other blender in the market rivals it in terms of power. As if that is not enough, the motor is more long-lasting than its rivals courtesy of its carbon brushes and you will, therefore, enjoy its services for a longer period.


Easily programmable, the blender is fitted with a digit screen on its face in addition to a number of control buttons. Further, its pre-programmed modes come to a total of six. They are useful in the automatic speeding up or slowing down of the blender. Additionally, you don’t have to keep your eye on it. When the programmed cycle is over, the blender goes off on its own.

Strong but light-weight

One of the greatest flaws of many blenders which are supposed to have a claim to high quality is the heavy weight of the jar. However, any Blendtec TB-621-25 Total Blender review will mention the unique benefits of the Wildside Jar fitted to the blender. They include a 4″ stainless blade strong enough to handle any tough blending job, but does not make the container any heavier. Moreover, the jar is free of BPA.

Designed for corrosion resistance, the single-bladed wingtip draws the blender apart from its competitors. Further, you don’t have to bother yourself with numerous blending cycles. The jar can hold as much as 3 quarts of your juice or soup.

Durable Base

One of the first signs of exhaustion of the useful period of a blender is the wearing out of the base. Fortunately, the Blendtec TB-621-25 Total Blender is made from highly durable materials capable of resisting wearing off. Additionally, the sealing job is so efficient that no bacteria or unhealthy build-up can find a way through it.

Last Thoughts

With a highly compact make-up, the Blendtec TB-621-25 Total Blender is undoubtedly one appliance kitchen that no one can afford to miss. It weighs 7lbs, is 15″ high, 7″ wide and 8″ deep. In addition, it comes with a recipe book containing more than 230 recipes. While it is ideal for large servings, any Blendtec TB-621-25 Total Blender review will let you know that it is also perfect for smaller ones courtesy of its optimization.

Farberware Single Serve Blender Review

Are you unsure about which product to buy to fulfill your daily blending needs? Well, here is a Farberware single serve blender review that would tell you about its features and qualities.

One factor that influences a buyer’s choice the most is his budget. There is a wide range of products, right from single serve blenders for a single person to those with big blending jars that can serve the whole family. The quality too varies – some have plastic bodies while others have stainless steel construction. And then there are many other things to consider like the number and types of cups and the types of blades that come with the blender.

The Farberware single serve blender is quite versatile. The 17-piece blender comes with six cups including a small one, two sets of blades for different types of blending, a few lids and a few rings. This blender has a sturdy set of feet to keep it prevent it from skidding while blending. Many other blenders in this price range skid and move a lot, making it difficult for the user to hold them in place. Most of the people like this blender because it offers a lot in such a small price tag. It is powered by a 240 watt machine that can do a decent job. The complete unit weighs about 7 pounds. It is small enough to be kept in a corner in your kitchen. The lids, rings, blades and cups are dishwasher safe. This would save you a lot of time and effort. You can make awesome smoothies and shakes in a matter of seconds.

The blender is quite portable and you can easily carry it along with you. Some people carry their blender to the gym as well. Well if you go to the office straight from the gym, you would have to carry the blender in your car. In this situation, you would prefer a small portable blender that does not occupy much space. This blender fits the bill perfectly.

On the flip side, when it comes to grinding the hard stuff, the blender won’t produce a fine powder. Further, you may not get its replacement parts easily. Since the product is quite cheap, the manufacturer finds it easy to produce new units than manufacturing its parts. The blender supports American 110v plug and doesn’t come with international adapters. If you are planning to take it out of the country with you, you will have to find the right adapter.

The Farberware single serve blender’s features make it a perfect travel companion. Above all, it has the Good Housekeeping seal on it, making it a reliable product. The seal guarantees that if the product you have received is broken, it would be replaced by the Good Housekeeping. If you are looking for a reasonably priced and effective blender, this product would do a decent job. It would be great for smoothies and shakes, but expecting it to grind nuts and other hard stuff to a powdery consistency would be too much to expect in this price range.